10 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Our Weight Loss Struggles

1) I can't afford healthy food We prioritize our money and spend it on what we think is important. Buying natural, healthy foods gets you more bang for your buck! But saying we can't afford good food is an easy excuse not to eat a healthy diet. 2) Not liking the taste of healthy food Many claim it, think about how easy it would be just to eat whole wheat bread over white, and they still choose the white! 3) Shrinking cloths syndrom Just thinking that your jeans must have shrunk in the wash vs. you being the one expanding... 4) Working out = tasty treats Thinking that just because you worked out that day means you automatically get to have those tasty treats aka ice cream! No amount of working out will compensate for a high calorie diet. 5) Cheat weekends You can't follow a good, healthy diet during the work week and then binge on the weekends and not expect to gain some weight! 6) My mom is fat so I will be too There is some research that shows that there can be a genetic link between obesity and your parents. But in the end it is the lifestyle choices that really make a difference! 7) One more glass of wine won't hurt! Yes, wine has been proven to be beneficial for a healthy heart! But like everything else only in moderation! 8) I have kids so I can't lose weight! Yeah, families do make it a little more difficult to plan diet friendly, kid friendly meals. But if you make the time you will feel better! 9) Thinking you're doing everything to lose weight and it's not working "This typically translates to, 'I'm doing everything I'm willing to do,'" says  Jonathan Ross, the senior advisor for the American Council on Exercise. 10) I look better when I have some curves It is important to accept and love your body but if you are slipping into the cusps of being overweight it can cause some serious health problems. Share your weight loss struggles with us!  

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