The 10 Male Features Women Are Attracted To The Most

What do you notice first about a man? His smile? His eyes? A new poll has rated which male features girls are most drawn to. Can you guess what #1 will be?

#10 Shoulder/Chest Muscles

Most dudes would guess that their sculpted biceps and bulked up chest would be the #1 thing that pulls a woman in. But surprisingly these features came in behind many others. A lot of women can be intimidated by overly burly guys, and are apt to approach fit, but not hulk-sized body types.

#9 His "junk"

  While guys have no qualms with sending unsolicited dick pics on the regular, their private parts only rank #9 on the attraction scale. Performance counts for much more than size, shape or appearance ever will.

#8 Neck

  Neck is probably not something you've considered as a feature. Although physically it doesn't stand out, the way a neck smells, feels and it's nuzzliness are all factors as to why it's important. [bctt tweet="The 10 Male Features Women Are Attracted To The Most"] guy's toned stomach

#7 Hair

Both men and women agreed that hair is highly important. It's not so much about the texture, but the overall appearance. The way it's styled, cut and if it's thinning anywhere. Some women revealed in the survey they like baldness.

#6 Height

  This one is obviously a given. Many girls are attracted to a man who is taller than them. A height difference can make you feel protected and more feminine. Just a few inches can be all that matters.

#5 Legs

  This seems like something men would want in a lady, but apparently leg length is a big attractiveness factor for women. Long legs clock in at #5, mainly because of the added stride they give a dude.

#4 Eyes

Here we go! Eyes are a huge memorable feature for both sexes. They can make a girl melt with just one gaze. Think Ryan Gosling and Bradley Cooper.

#3 Toned Stomach

Sorry, #dadbodders. A nice flat stomach is a huge turn on for girls. Especially, if it features a sexy V line for us to trail with our fingers.

#2 Fitness

guy's who are into fitness It's not big, hefty arms that ladies are after anymore. They prefer a healthy man who has definition and minimal body fat. This is why being fit is the second most attractive feature a guy can possess. So hit the gym, gentlemen!

#1 Butt

  A nice, firm set of cheeks is the #1 feature on a guy that women notice! Shape and size vary from girl to girl, but one thing we can all agree on is buns, hun. Did this list surprise you? What is your favourite feature on a guy? Source: The Richest

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