10 Meat-Free Protein Sources

I’ve been a vegetarian for 13 years, and after the constant question of “where do you get your protein from then?” I can say HERE, this blog, here is where I get my protein from – these entirely meat free protein sources:   1. Tempeh – Made from fermented soybeans, it’s great in stirfries, especially curry dishes. 15g of protein per serving (about ½ cup) 2. Nut Butters – peanut, almond, cashew, or any other variety of nut you can think of serves up a delicious creamy sandwich spread, smoothie additive, or cookie ingredient. 4g of protein per tablespoon. proteinnutbutters 3. Greek Yogurt – sour cream substitute, baking must have, and delicious breakfast or snack option. 20g of protein per serving (200g) 4. Beans – beans, beans, the magical fruit, the more you eat the more… protein you get. 42g of protein per 1 cup. 5. Quinoa – rice substitute, salad and cereal topper, baking ingredient, and all around superfood. Quinoa queries and questions? Check out this blog post. 8 g of protein per cup, cooked. proteinquinoa 6. Lentils – one of my favourite soup ingredients; low in fat, high in fibre. 9 g of protein per 100g (about ½ cup) 7. Seitan – and not the kind that’s evil, well, not unless you have celiac disease since it is a kind of wheat gluten. 75g of protein per 100g (or about 50g of protein per 1 cup) proteinseitan 8. Cottage Cheese – a lighter cheese substitute. 26g of protein per 1 cup. 9. Chia Seeds – great for smoothies, or sprinkled over oatmeal, cereal, or salads. 4 g of protein per tablespoon 10. Green Peas – good addition to almost any dish for a little protein boost. 5 g of protein per 100g (about ½ cup) proteinpeas

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