10 Natural Fatburners

There are a lot of supplements that promise to burn fat faster. But they also have a lot of unpleasant side effects. Hands off. In the supermarket, the shelves are full of food with fat burning abilities ....

1. Coffee Caffeine promotes lipolysis, the release of fatty acids from fat depots. This isn't fat burning but the free circulating fatty acids are melting away by sport. 3 cups per day a body needs to profit. 2. Green Tea Contains caffeine like coffee and catechins. Together with flavonoids, catechins prevent the intercalation of fat in the body.  1-2 cups are enough to stimulate the fat metabolism. 3.  Cinnamon Prevents the storage of fat in the body. Prefer Ceylon cinnamon, than Cassia cinnamon contains much coumarin. Cinnamon keeps the blood sugar level low and beware of food cravings. 1 teaspoon (1 g) per day you need to profit. 4. Chili Contains capsaicin allows better blood circulation, increases the production of lactic acid and activates fat burning. The bile production is stimulated and fat digestion is facilitated. To feel the burn consume ½ teaspoon per day. 5. Ginger There is also capsaicin inside.The active ingredients of ginger increase the operating temperature of your body and thus speed up your metabolism. The same goes for fat digestion in the intestine, which is stimulated by ginger. 3 slices as tea or in food and fat melts away. 6. Citrus fruits vitamin C contained therein is involved in the production of the hormone Noradrenaline. The role of this hormone, it is the fat to be released from the cells. 1 fruit per day is a good option 7. Lean red grass-feeded beef contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which stimulates fat burning and fat reducing, especially in sleep. By heating the beef, this increases the CLA content to 5 fold. A body needs 3-5 g per day to be effected, this are 3 steaks. 8.  Avocado contains lipase. It controls the burning of fat during digestion and fat issue. In addition, lipase prevent the storage of fat of avocado to accelerate the breakdown of fat in the body. In addition, avocado contains the amino acid L-carnitine, which boosts fat burning in the liver. ½ avocado per day is the optimal choice. 9.  Blueberries By the berries is a group of genes activated. They command the body to burn fat and sugar. A study from University of Michigan, USA has this result. You should eat 200 grams a day for it.

10. Much does not help much .... Everything to mix is not the way to get rid of fat. These foods acts only as support. A clean, high-protein nutrition and regular workouts bring the body into the best shape. Fat is burned before it is fixed on hips and belly.


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