10 Reasons Why Those Who Live Alone, Win.

Living alone is perfect. One of the things I dread most about the idea of finding love is realizing it may mean the end to my reign as queen and sole ruler of my space. But in the meantime, I'm owning it! Here are 10 reasons why living alone is one of life's finer experiences: 1. You can get naked as soon as you walk through the door. Clothes are overrated. I start with the bra and go from there. A little backwards, yes, but well, I live alone. Who is going to stop me? 2. You can watch embarrassing TV shows. Sometimes I'm all about documentaries and art films but other times, I want to watch umpteen hours of Duck Dynasty in my jammies while eating ice cream. 3. You don't have to fake being in a good mood. Since living alone, I don't have to be polite if I don't feel like it. If my day was bad, I can pout, swear, throw things and never have to worry about offending a single person. 4. You can leave the bathroom door open. That's right. Wide open. 5. You can leave your clothes on the floor in the bathroom. For as long as you want! Your bathroom, your rules. 6. Nobody will steal your food. You don't have to label or leave your roommates passive aggressive notes reminding them to BUY THEIR OWN FOOD. If it is gone, you ate it. 7. You can drink out of the container. Okay, so I don't do this one but I would imagine it could be liberating. No judgment here! 8. You can have whatever pet you choose. A cat was my choice but don't feel limited. Dream people, dream big. 9. And the decor is yours too. Don't like my gigantic stretched canvas pic of the Sgt Pepper album cover? Good thing you don't live here. 10. You sleep like a rock. You can stay up as late or early as you want. No worries. Your bed is empty. You can spread out and crash as you please. What do you find awesome about living alone?

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