10 Reasons To Bust Your Boring Workout Routine And Bring Your Friends

Working out alone can be amazing. Sometimes a girl has just got to put her head down and sweat away all the crap that piled up over the course of the day. But if you are finding it hard to get up off that sofa and do your once upon a time effective routine, it may be time to mix things up. Break free from your boring solo sweat routine, grab some friends and hit the gym together! Because There's Safety In Numbers Perhaps Zumba class makes you feel uncoordinated and awkward. Bring your friends and it suddenly becomes all too hilarious. It is like having a dance party at the club without drunk guys hitting on you and the hefty bar tab! Because There Will Be Hot, Sweaty Dudes Sure, you're used to staring at your gym crush from your treadmill in the corner but your friends can vet him for you. They can safely check to see if he's working out alone or with a girlfriend and they can check his gym etiquette because, you know, manners. [bctt tweet="Because everything is more fun in a group. "] Because You Reek of Lonely Basement Sadness Working out in your basement is good for you. We can't argue that but while it helps your body, it breaks your soul. Get out into the world and sweat with your friends in real life. You can do it! Because They Provide Real Life Motivation Is your social media packed with pics of fitness models? Are you finding your fitspiration on a screen? Looking at perfectly posed, perfectly lit and perfectly flexed ladies may give you some motivation but why not try grabbing some from women you know in your everyday life? Your friends are amazing, inspirational gals, don't forget about them! Because When You Sweat Together, You Can Drink Together Wine with the girls is great. Wine with the girls after working out is even better. You guys can drink wine all night without any of the guilt! Who doesn't like guilt-free wine? Because They Help You Measure Your Goals You know by now that having a workout buddy can help keep you accountable at the gym but working out with people who are deep in your social circle can lead to unbelievable fitness gains. You guys have a busy social calendar and you know there is a huge party just a month away. Working out side by side, serves as a reminder of all the photos of you that you just know will be floating around the internet after the party. A little extra motivation to get into that dress! Because They Get Your Gripes In those moments when you just cannot do another pull-up or you feel too tired and sweaty to even go on, your friends are there to help you finish your set with strength. Because Waking Up Is Hard to Do Waking up early can suck. Waking up early to work out can suck harder. Waking up early to do fun things sucks less. Waking up early to have a fun workout with your friends doesn't really suck at all. Because a Little Friendly Competition Goes a Long Way Challenging yourself to work harder isn't easy. It is easier to accept a fitness challenge as a group. No matter what your goal is, running one more mile or doing one more rep, having a supportive circle makes it a whole lot easier. Because It's Just Effing Fun Human beings work better together. Don't believe us, ask an anthropologist. If the thought of working out with other people sends you into a panic, use that as proof that it is time to mix things up. Your body and your soul will be grateful that you did! Do you like working out with your friends? What are your favorite fitness activities? And remember, if your friends aren't available, we've got your back! With SweatFlix℠, you can get over 80 hours of on demand workouts that you can do any time, and any place! Come work out with us!   Source: Shape  

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