10 Reasons Why This P90X Cast Member Switched To The Daily Hiit

I have a long history with P90X. In addition to appearing as a cast member in the Arms & Shoulders DVD, I participated in the test group, became an early Success Story, used the program over the years to stay in shape, coached others, and consider its co-creator, fitness celebrity Tony Horton, a close personal friend who's as good as it gets.

But, truth be told, I prefer The Daily Hiit workouts to P90X these days. Here are 10 reasons why:

1. It's New

I'm P90X'd out. P90X works by creating muscle confusion to overcome fitness plateaus, but it doesn't confuse my muscles like it used to. I can almost hear my body say "Yeah, yeah. OK, OK ..." That kind of familiarity has led to less impressive results in my last few 90-day rounds.  So I turned to high-intensity interval training ("HIIT") via The Daily Hiit. It's new, different, and definitely keeps my muscles guessing.

2. It's Free

The Daily Hiit offers all of its workout videos for free. You may need to purchase some basic equipment to complete the workouts properly - I rushed out to buy a timer and jump rope on my first day, for example - but it won't break the bank. You'll be hiiting it in no time.

The co-creators of P90X at Beachbody, Inc., on the other hand, make you buy the DVD workout program and acquire the necessary exercise equipment. They also urge you to buy "Shakeology" and other Beachbody supplements on a monthly basis, which can really add up. Many folks who come to me for fitness advice don't have all this stuff and can't afford it on a tight budget. So I direct them to The Daily Hiit instead.

3. It's Online

The Daily Hiit makes its workout videos available online to anyone, anywhere, anytime, on a computer or smart phone. Some choose to do the workouts at home. Others, like me, prefer to do them at the gym. Either way, it's easy. You have options.

Beachbody offers its complete set of P90X workout videos in DVD format only, which means that the large majority of users have to do it at home. There's a P90X app too , but it's not very good, and it's pricey.

4. It's Fast

I love that Daily Hiit workouts are over in 1/2 to 1/3 the time of P90X workouts. That's a huge time savings. I workout faster and more efficiently. Then I get on with the rest of my day.

5. It's Playfully Sexy

If you've read any of my new humor book, Field Guide to Chicks of the United States, you know I enjoy a little sexual innuendo. So does The Daily Hiit. They use smoking hot female hosts (with cute foreign accents) and give their workouts provocative names to attract attention and make you smile. The male hosts are good too but, ahem, in a different way.

Tony Horton is a handsome guy who eases the pain of P90X with his positive energy and goofy, good-natured sense of humor. And he's got some attractive cast members behind him at times. But The Daily Hiit takes sexiness to another level, and I dig it.

6. It's Safe & Easy to Modify

I don't recommend P90X to many older and out-of-shape folks because the workouts are so extreme, intense and - if not done properly - potentially dangerous.  It's definitely not for everybody.

The Daily Hiit workouts are simpler and easier to modify or replace with easier ones, which is why I rarely hesitate to recommend them.

7. It's About Fitness & Fun, Not Money

The Daily Hiit does a fine job of staying focused on fitness, fun, and what's best for the community.  You can feel it.

Beachbody, Inc. is something else entirely. Tony Horton couldn't be nicer, but he doesn't own or run Beachbody, Inc., which has morphed into a big, clumsy, multi-level marketing (MLM) company. I'm proud to be associated with P90X because it helps a lot of people, but the bottom-line focus of Beachbody's MLM business can be annoying, and I've seen a lot of good people waste valuable time and money on it over the years.  The large majority of independent reps (or "coaches") are good, decent hardworking folks, and I wish them well, but there are some bad apples.

Worse yet, despite all their financial success and chest-thumping about saving the world, Beachbody's top executives can be remarkably cold and impersonal.  For example, what kind of company doesn't make the slightest effort to integrate its most popular P90X supporting cast member - Pam the Blam - into the P90X juggernaut? They just used her and moved on. It's symptomatic of a larger problem that doesn't exist at The Daily Hiit.

8. It's International

P90X is quintessentially American. Nothing wrong with that - I love my country - but I prefer the more international look, feel, and attitude of The Daily Hiit these days. I just do. It's more inclusive and, well, cooler.  I might even make some new friends abroad. We'll see.

9. It's Effective

I can't get over how quickly and positively my body has responded to The Daily Hiit workouts.  It works, especially in the "core" areas.  It won't make me look like the Incredible Hulk, but that's not my body type or fitness goal anyway. I just want to stay lean and mean for the rest of my life.

P90X works too, of course, but not as well as it used to - at least not for me. I needed a break.

10. It's Timely

There's more than enough room in the lucrative global fitness market for all sorts of products and programs, but the time has come for free workout programs offered online (and via mobile apps) 24/7 like the Daily Hiit. DVDs are dead ... well, almost dead.

Beachbody will ride the DVD wave and milk its MLM business as long as it can, but it'll have to make P90X and it's other workout programs available on other platforms and in other formats eventually to compete long-term. Who knows? Maybe they'll hire Pam the Blam to assist with the roll-out ...

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