10 Reasons Working Out SUCKS!

We all know the wonderful side of exercise, and we're all kind of sick of hearing about it! Of course we're going to lose weight, get in shape, look great, get healthy, and blah blah blah. But, what people don't tell you is that working out SUCKS!!!!!! Here are 10 things about workouts that no one tells you:

1. You smell awful

If you're anything like me, you probably sweat up a storm when you work out. By the time you walk out of the gym, no amount of deodorant can hide that smell of a workout. It's into the shower for the fourth time that day!

2. You can never sleep enough

Whether you get up early in the morning to exercise or you try to fit it into your evening, there's just never enough time to sleep. Say goodbye to any hope of taking a nap, and you'll be a lucky dog if you can fit in a solid 8 hours of sleep.

3. You are never stress-free

Exercise is supposed to be de-stressing, but trying to force yourself to fit that workout in is stressful all by itself. You're always going to be fighting to finish your workout in your limited amount of time, and you'll even have to hit the gym on the weekends to lose all that weight. It never stops!

4. You spend a fortune on hygiene products

You probably blast through that deodorant like a sinner in a church, and no amount of cologne/perfume can cover up that "freshly worked-out" smell when you head back into the office after your workout. Body wash bottles empty out in days, and you spend a small fortune on talcum powder to keep your shoes from smelling.

5. Your feet smell horrible

If you've ever done exercise, you know how horrible feet can smell when they've been marinating in sweat for over an hour. You have a hard time living with yourself just because you can smell yourself - particularly those sweaty dogs that are barking!

6. You just can't get your hair looking good

Until you can get a shower, your hair is going to look like a greasy rat's nest, yet will feel stiff and somewhat resembling straw. No amount of gel or mousse can perk your hair up after it's been matted down by sweat.

7. You chafe in the most unfortunate places

If you've never felt the chafing of underwear, boxers, or shorts that ride up for a long time, you're a lucky one! Chafing is one of the worst parts of an athlete's life, and it can get painful to the point of making every step agony!

8. You're always loaded down

No matter what type of exercise you do, you always need some kind of equipment. Yoga mats, towels, MP3 player, back brace, boxing gloves, ankle and wrist wraps - the list goes on and on ad nauseum. You can never walk out of the house with just your mug of coffee, but you're always heavily laden with equipment.

9. You blast through clothes and sneakers

A good pair of shoes costs a pretty penny, and yet won't last you for more than a few months at a time. All of your favorite clothes are starting to look faded, and you find sweat stains on pretty much everything that doesn't get washed on a semi-daily basis. Workout clothes last you about as long as your shoes, and you spend more on your gear than you do on your meals!

10. You're always hungry

Whether it's the rumbles before your workout or a gripping hunger once you've pushed yourself, it's hard to ignore those hunger pangs. Even the smallest cutback in your food intake feels like you're starving yourself, simply because you're SO DARN HUNGRY after that workout! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Source: mashable.com[/caption] I love exercise, but DAMN IT, fitness can be a hard mistress!

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