10 Reasons You're Grateful for your Big Ass

With so much focus on the problems of having an ample bottom (see 12 Problems Only Girls With Big Butts Understand), it is easy to forget the upside. For those moments when you feel down about your butt, remember these and once again love that caboose.

1. When You Forget Your Seat Pad at Home During Cycling Class

That's right ladies, built in padding.

2. When You're Trying on Jeans and They Don't Sag in the Butt

So they might not be right in the waist but at least you never have to worry about them looking anything but awesome in the back.

3. When You and Your Partner Are Going at It Doggy-Style

  Not to mention the view he also gets in reverse cowgirl or wheelbarrow.

4. When You're on Public Transit and Get a Seat to Yourself

People would rather sit with the slim bottomed woman any day of the week.

5. When It's Time to Break It Down on the Dance Floor

Oh the songs dedicated to your booty! "All About That Bass," "Thong Song," "Baby Got Back," "Fat Bottomed Girls." What's your favourtie anthem for shaking your butt?  

6. When You Need to Make a Dramatic Exit

You'll look damn fine while you do and believe me, they'll be watching.

7. When Your Boyfriend Needs a Place to Rest His Head After a Long Day

Your butt = His pillow

8. And When Your Pet Needs Somewhere to Snuggle

Softer and warmer than any dog bed

9. When the Camera Comes Out

Kardashian ass Kim Queen of the belfie

10. When You Want to Feel Like Hot Stuff

Your butt make you feel sexy. Full stop. What did we miss? What do you like most about your bodacious booty?

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