10 Reasons You're So Much Better Once You're Over Him

At first it's all tissues and sad songs and sitting in the tub until you're pruny. Or anger and fight songs and Xena repeats. But at one point the fog clears and you wake up one day a little freer. And a little more the day after that. What's left in the place where all your sadness was? A new wisdom. And a few other important things are left with you too. 1. Reason to party. You just dodged a bullet and you suddenly realize it. Call the friends and have fun! 2. Better sex ahead. It doesn't seem like it when you're still avoiding washing pillows from his side of the bed, but you're changed by losing love and your next lover will benefit from what you learned in the sack and out of it. 3. Clarity. You have a much better idea what to avoid from the start now. Take that as time bought in the future. 4. Free time online. Since you're no longer obsessed with him or the new person in his life, you have more time for YOU, the person who does need a little extra love these days. 5. Bed. You are a human star every night in bed and you can flip and flop at will. 6. Life Space. Time to donate all those relationship-specific gifts and reminders that are sucking energy out of your house. Thank them and put them in a bag. 7. Clearer vision of the potential mates around you. Whoa, there are amazing men out there you weren't noticing when you had your Love Blinders on. Have a look and a chat! 8. Habits and Skills. It wasn't all bad. You are taking away experiences and knowledge that will make you even better in the next relationship. 9. Drawers. You can organize your sports bras and yoga tops in their own drawer now that his is empty. 10. That one item. Except you won't throw out that one piece he left behind that you still love. Let it remind you that nothing you spend real love on is ever a waste. The truth of its offering will always make it worth the time you gave it. Keep something to testify to that. Or don't, and release it with gratitude that you were moved to go to that place in yourself. Then dance your fanny off with your friends. How do you say hello to new life when you've said goodbye to an old lover? We need to share our tricks! h/t: Glamour Do you follow us on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_99757" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat snapcode @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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