10 Signs Your Best Friend Will Be Your Best Friend FOR LIFE!

Having a close best friend is truly a wonderful relationship for girls. Your best friend and you grow together, learn from one another and are always there for each other. Here are the 10 signs that you ware true BFFLs! #1 You have 'a song' that signifies your friendship and you're not afraid to belt it out when it comes on the radio.  #2 If you take a selfie and one of you looks great and other looks meh, you'll retake it until you both look 100% hot.  #3 You still have fun together even if you're running on no sleep, experiencing a huge hangover or cramming for exams.  #4 You have fun together doing absolutely nothing.  #5 You're always within the first few likes on each other's social media pictures.  #6 Your silences are never awkward. You don't feel you have to force a conversation, you can give each other down time.  #7 You know each other's bodily functions pretty creepily well. (And when they're getting their period) #8 You know each other's Starbucks orders.  #9 You're honest with each other and don't dance around issues. You can tell your friend that she's stupid if she stays with that d-bag ex boyfriend, and she respects your honesty.  #10 You know, no matter what life throws at you, that you'll have each other's backs for life.  What are signs you and your BFF are forever? Share your stories with us!

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