10 Simple Food Swaps

I love food, and if there are easy ways to get more of a nutritional bang for my buck with foods I already eat then I am aaaaall about that. Here are 10 easy swaps you can make to improve the nutritional value of your meals: 1. Instead of butter in baked goods – use avocado. You’ll be adding vitamins, minerals, and unsaturated fats to your sweets. You could also use a banana, or applesauce as fat replacements, which are great in cakes and muffins especially. If you’re wary of going full on fat switch, then halve the butter and replace with one of these healthier options. 2. Instead of white rice – use brown rice. Again, if you’re just not a brown rice fan, you can always do a half and half mix to get all that B-vitamin, iron, fibre goodness. Just cook them separately as cooking times between white and brown rice can vary. 3. Instead of traditional bread crumbs – use Panko bread crumbs. Crispier, lower sodium, less calories, and less oil absorbent when pan-frying. 4. Instead of sour cream – use plain Greek yogurt. More protein, less fat, and same creamy texture. 5. Instead of potato chips – choose vegetable chips. Still a treat to enjoy in moderation, as there are the same amount of calories and fat, but vegetable chips offer up more fibre and vitamins. Plus, making your own chips is so easy, and really tasty. 10swapVeges_potato_side_by_side 6. Instead of croutons – use roasted chickpeas. Croutons are empty calories, crunchy without anything else going for them. Roasted chickpeas have protein, fibre, and personally I find that they’re tastier than croutons. When topping your salad you have tons of options; pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, slivered almonds, chickpeas, pecans – don’t just opt for the empty crunch of a crouton. 7. Instead of a hamburger bun – use a whole wheat deli flat. The middle of the whole burger outfit is what you want anyway, so by using less bread you can easily cut calories here. 8. Instead of a bagel – use a whole wheat English muffin. Fewer calories and refined carbs, still tastes great with schmear. 9. Instead of milk chocolate – have dark chocolate. Still a treat to curb your cravings, but with half the sugar and more antioxidants than its milky brethren. 10. Instead of cereal and milk – have plain yogurt topped with granola. Yogurt has more protein than milk, will keep you satisfied longer, and granola has altogether less calories than cereal. 10foodswaps   Whether you’re looking to cut calories, have a “healthier” fat, zone in on a particular vitamin, or get more fibre, simple food swaps like these can help you achieve that goal. In the age of the internet a quick google search can really help you get the most out of your meals.   Photos: http://www.foodhappy.ca/2012/jan/26/brown-rice-vs-white-rice/ http://www.cookinglight.com/eating-smart/smart-choices/100-calorie-food-swaps/milk-dark-chocolate http://foodwatch.com.au/reviews/item/product-review-orange-and-purple-vegetable-crisps.html

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