10 Simple Steps To Weight Loss (And A Healthier Life)

Personal Trainer Jodie Bell of Healthy Habit Dorset has created 10 simple ways to help shed a few more pounds without even having to think about it! And don't we all love those kind of weight loss tips! 1) Walk more Park farther away from store entrances, take the stairs, walk to the store instead of driving! It may seem little but it all adds up. 2) Breakfast time! By now, we should all know that it is the most important meal of the day! By eating within 30 minutes of waking up you are boosting your metabolism and get it going early, leading to faster digestion. 3) Eat clean, natural foods! As often as you can. Processed foods have more sugars and salt in them, making you dehydrated and generally have a higher calorie count. 4) Use extra weights When working out use body weights to increase the amount of calories burned at the end of your work out. Start small and gradually increase the weight, it is an easy way to increase your strength as well! 5) Protein Eat more proteins vs. carbs. While carbohydrates are energy boosters, foods rich in protein will increase your metabolism! 6) Get a puppy! I know I've always wanted one and this is a perfect excuse. You need to make sure they stay active and that keeps you active! Going for daily walks is a simple way to shed a few pounds without even thinking about it! 7) Ice cold water Drinking ice water means that your body has to work to heat up the water to body temp. Making your body work without even trying! 8) Keep good friends Socializing with fit, healthy individuals keeps your own healthy goals in check! 9) Sleepy time Making sure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night! If you are tired then you start to crave heavy foods and caffeine which usually means more calories! 10) Drinking goals Alcohol is essentially  empty calories, we have some drinks and go right to bed. All of those sugary drinks not only have way more calories but they also lead to worst hangovers. Try and stick with vodka and gin drinks as they are lower in calories! Enjoy everything in moderation! What other simple things do you do on a daily basis to help control your weight loss!?  

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