10 Snacks Every Stress Eater Needs In Their Life

Stress can cause us to lose control at times, and that can even translate into our relationship with food. We turn to sugary, fattening, high-calorie foods when the pressure gets too much and this can totally sabotage our weight loss goals. This behaviour, combined with poor sleep, anxiety and other symptoms of stress, can really pack on the pounds. Stress eating particularly plays a role in contributing to belly fat, the most dangerous form of fat collection. It's important to take back control before a few unhealthy snacks turn into a serious health problem. So here are 10 simple snacks to help you satisfy your cravings without destroying your diet: stress busting foods healthy snacks These snacks are perfect for busy days when you need a little nutritional pick-me-up. You can take them with you to the office, school or on the road. That way, whenever your body has a pull towards a candy bar binge or you are tempted by a plate of nachos, whip out one of these delicious treats. What are your go-to snacks to avoid stress eating? Share them with us! Source: Prevention

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