10 Steps to a Beauty Booty

 30 Days to a Beauty Bubble Booty?


YES! ...and I am living proof!

Here is my candid before and after pics of my behind (starting 3 weeks ago with my measurements)

Week 1                        Week 3

Hips/butt: 35 inches              Hips/butt: 36.5 inches    Thighs: 20 inch                       Thighs:  20 inches 1795493_525509250901344_147035278_n   You can develop a Bubble Booty without over developing your thighs! Most, but not all my female clients ask me this...of course it's a personal preference...women with strong, muscular thighs look amazing too!   I'm all for Strong, Sexy, Fierce Females!   I've trained a long time, but I've had an injury to my SI Joint (sacroiliac joint) which happened while doing sprints outside in February a few years ago...I slipped on ice. It's a tricky injury, but it's feeling best ever now and I am ready to get some booty back!!   Even though I can't do certain exercises such as plyometric lunges and forward and back lunges, and a couple others... there are many great exercises I CAN do. It's important to work around your injuries and focus on what you can do instead of what's holding you back. Proceed slowly and see how you feel the next day.   Breaking it down..... Exercises Training Frequency Training Intensity And Diet are all part of the 30 Day plan. 1798561_525517130900556_2111296639_n  


1. Barbell Back Squats

2. DB Reverse Lunge with Knee drive

3. Barbell Deadlifts (keep slight bend in knee and push your butt back)

4. Glute Bridges with weight. Master this one without weight first and focus on squeezing your glutes.

5. DB high Step ups

6. Cable kickbacks

7. Straddle squat jumps onto a step. Keep your butt low at start position

8. Platform squat jumps

9. Running sprints

10. Sumo squats



2-3 times a week, depending on your fitness level 1-2 for a beginner because your going to be sore and need to recover, but every week you'll be stronger.




Here's what I believe.....


put your beliefs about becoming bulky aside for 4 weeks.

  Your body only changes when you challenge it to....   Understanding this I recommend 4 sets 12-15 reps week 1, if your intermediate/advanced. 2 sets, 12-15 reps beginner.  And pick a weight that challenges you in your second set onward. each week you should change the arrangement of your exercises and increase the weight slightly reducing reps 8-12 reps.   It's important to know too that intensity and weight used is all relative to you....   No need to compare your strength to other women...   FOCUS on what challenges you on that day, in that workout and you'll get results.   Cardio! A must! I love Daily HIIT workouts & Running on a treadmill.   DIET Protein! Protein is essential for shaping a beautiful booty! Whey Isolate, chicken, egg whites, turkey, fish, lean red meats, Hemp protein and so on....but get it in!   One last thought...Have Fun with This!   After all it's just a butt :)   Good luck!!    

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