10 Strange ways to help your weight loss

It is the little things that make a difference! Here are some strange tips to help control your weight loss! 1) Ditch the TV There have been so many relative studies done and the conclusion is, our generation needs to stop watching so much TV. If you're not watching TV you are more likely move and do something active. 2) Stare at the colour blue Yes, it seems a little odd but the colours red, orange and yellow actually stimulate your appetite. Ever seen a fast food chain with a blue theme?? 3) Sniff banana, an apple or a peppermint when you are hungry Okay, I know this one is really weird. But Alan R. Hirsch, M.D., neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago did a test and found that people who smelt these things were less hungry which resulted in weight loss. 4) Avoid eating in large groups According to a study done, when you eating in a large group you tend to stay at the table longer and continue to eat. More food = more calories! 5) Brush those pearly whites after every meal Brushing your teeth is a mind trick to signal that the meal is finished. No more desiring those sweets after dinner! 6) Sit in the right spot We all love the free bread that comes before a meal. It gets put in the middle of the table, so trying to sit in the outside seats means it's harder to grab mindless bites. 7) Having a tidy workspace When your desk is clean vs. messy, you are mentally more likely to go for a healthier snack. 8) Spice up your food By adding a little zing to your food, it helps to repress your appetite so you're not still hungry after dinner. 9) Get a manicure! Ladies (or fellas) instead of giving into your craving, give the nails some loving and by the time they are dry enough to want to reach into that chip bag you shouldn't have the craving anymore! 10) Flex and fight it off Wanna fight that craving? You can better control your impulse if you tighten a muscle for 30 seconds, so clench your hands into a fist and fight the craving! Do you have any weight loss tips you'd like to share? Tell us in the comments below!      

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