The 10 Struggles of Being a Lady Lifter

Tired of the treadmill? Realize that it doesn't give you that perky butt and toned arms you were after? Welcome to the world of weightlifting. Starting to lift can be ultra scary. Beefy men in the gym making gorilla sounds as they slam weights around is enough to put anyone off. Once you get past the cavemen though, lifting is pretty effing awesome. That being said, there are a few struggles you'll definitely need to overcome along the way.

1. Putting weights on the bar/away is more work than the actual exercise.

It's a real thing ladies. You may have just squatted 200lbs, but dragging that 45lb plate is just not working. I mean seriously, it's bigger than I am.

2. Dudes get super weird about "working in" with you.

Whether it's because they're intimidated by how badass you are or they're rolling your eyes at your attempt - it's just flat out annoying. Whatever, your form is better anyway.

3. Gaining weight is a GOOD thing

Don't argue. You've earned that muscle mass. It's a strange thing to think we spend our lives trying to "lose 5 pounds" only to realize in the weightlifting world that gaining 5lbs is (more often than not) a great thing! Word to the wise? Throw out your scale.

4. Standard gym clothes just don't seem to accommodate your workout anymore.

Those beautiful new workout pants you just got? Ruined from deadlifts. You want to wear shorts? Be prepared for you ass to be on display for the world when they ride up during squats. Don't even get me started on permanent scars on your neck from resting a bar on your bra straps....

5. You want jeans that fit you? Too bad.

Your butt and thighs will fill out with glorious firm muscle and your waist will shrink - making it impossible to find pants that show off your amazing new curves. Leggings? I'll take 10 pairs. Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 2.28.40 PM

6. Groceries just got reeeeal expensive

Many people in the lifting community believe that you should have 1 gram of protein/day for each pound you weigh. Wait....what?! I have to eat how many cows?!

7. Say goodbye to pretty hands

I try to get manicures so I can at least trick the world in to thinking my hands are pretty. I just never show them my callused palms....(my nail technician does not think very highly of me)

8. Lifting when your lady friend is around is probably the worst thing that's ever happened to your body

You're cramping, tired, exhausted - throw the effort of lifting something heavy on top of it and your body just says "no thanks". For real, I have legit cried doing a deadlift. Full on tears, on the gym floor because my body decided to spontaneously combust due to hormone overload.

9. That entire pizza you just ate? It's for "bulking" purposes, right?

"I'm bulking" - she says as she stuffs her face. Why does lifting make you SO DAMN HUNGRY?!

10. "Compliments" about looking "big"

So not everyone like a girls with some muscle. Screw'em. You're strong, you look amazing and you've worked for every damn gain you have. Just because you can lift more than the boys, doesn't make you manly.

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