10 Summer Workout Struggles Every Fit Girl Can Relate To

Mmm...summer. Never-ending sunny days, balmy breezes, rooftop patios. But the work of staying fit and healthy doesn't end in the summer months, so if you're a dedicated fit girl, you can definitely relate to these 10 summer struggles. #1 You can't tell if you broke a sweat jogging because you've been sweating since you got outside.  #2 Speaking of sweat, with great humid days come bigger, nastier sweat stains.    #3 Oh and when you hang up your sweaty clothes to dry, they don't because humidity.  #4 Heading to gym pool? Forget it, because literally everyone is there.  #5 You want to look super sexy when jogging on the beach, but really you're looking like a melty, sweat-drenched hot mess.  #6 Your sports bra gives you some pretty wacky tan lines.    #7 Running is hell because your feet feel like you are running over hot coals.  #8 Sunscreen smears off with your profuse sweating and gets into your eyes.  #9 Coconut oil is impossible to store without it getting way too hard or melting down completely.   #10 It can be extremely difficult to find motivation to get out of your totally comfy bed, in your beautifully air conditioned room, to do literally anything. Especially working out.    What are some of the struggles you have while trying to keep fit in the summer heat? What tips do you have for keeping cool and hydrated this summer? Share your thoughts with us!      

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