10 Super Simple Tips For Losing Weight Now.

Here are 10 no nonsense ways that are stupid simple that you can use to lose weight right now. 1. Your Scale Is Not A Horrible Bitch that you should avoid.  If you want to lose weight, think of your scale as a friend, not a foe. Weigh yourself once a day, first thing in the morning after going to the bathroom and getting undressed (water weight and clothing can throw off the number). Track your results, and stay motivated by following the weight graph's changes over the next few weeks. 2. Post Your Goals All Over The Place.  Keep yours top of mind by writing them down and posting in several places where you'll notice them often—on your computer monitor, on the fridge, in your wallet. Then tell someone about it. Research conducted by the Dominican University of California showed that people who wrote down their goals, shared them with a friend, and then followed up with weekly updates were, on average, 33 percent more successful than those who didn't write down their goals or share them with others. 3. Write down everything that your stick in your face. According to recent studies, participants who keep a daily food journal lose twice as much weight as those who don't. Keep track today by recording the food and portion size. Don't forget to write down beverage calories, too. While tracking every day leads to more weight loss success, do what feels right to you. If tracking for two days a week is more realistic, then commit to completing that goal and staying mindful of what you eat the other days. 4. Don't skip your damn breakfast. Eating breakfast is like giving your metabolism a little jolt, causing it to rise faster and burn calories at an optimal rate. It can also help you keep weight off in the long term. According to data from the National Weight Control Registry on people who have maintained a weight loss of around 30 pounds for at least a year, 78 percent of the people reported eating breakfast every day. What you eat for breakfast is key, says Angela Ginn, R.D., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She suggests you choose foods with a lower glycemic index to keep blood sugar low and energy high, such as barley, which is high in fiber and has a nutty, wholesome flavor. "Get hulled barley and make it the same way you would oatmeal, and add healthy toppings," says Ginn. timthumb-2.php 5. Drink more f*cking water.  People who drink about 7 cups of water a day eat nearly 200 fewer calories than those who get less than a glass a day, reports a study from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Hunger and thirst are easy to confuse, says Marjorie Nolan, RD, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: "The last thing you want when you're trying to lose weight is to think you're hungry when you're actually thirsty." In order to get those seven cups in, drink one cup with each meal and snack, have a cup before and after your workout, and make time for a cup of decaf tea in the afternoon or evening. 6. Stop filling your pie-hole while watching TV. Don't eat in front of the TV, when you're on the computer, or while reading—all situations that encourage mindless noshing. Instead, sit down at the table when you eat. If you have to eat lunch at your desk, turn away from the computer and take a few minutes to enjoy your meal—no work distractions allowed. 7. Why are you still up? Go the f*ck to sleep already! Tiredness could be the reason your cravings are out of control. Research shows that lack of sleep raises levels of ghrelin, a hunger-boosting hormone. In one study, appetite—particularly for sweet and salty foods—increased by 23 percent in people who lacked sleep. Get back in control by going to bed earlier for the recommended seven to nine hours a night. If you are having trouble sleeping try this awesome technique for falling asleep in 1 minute here.  8. If you are going on a bender, try switching up your booze.  If cocktails are your thing, try a vodka and club soda combo with a splash of juice, or order a glass of bubbly—both drinks are under 150 calories. 9. You don't need to keep any tents in your closet. Get rid of "fat clothes." 
 Are you using too-large clothing as a crutch in case you gain more weight? Yeah, stop that. Go through your closets and drawers, and get rid of anything that's too big for you right now that you haven't worn in a while. Donate the clothes to a local charity or goodwill. 10. Eat your last meal later. 
 Contrary to popular belief, eating late at night won't make you gain weight. Adjusting your dinner hour to a later time actually saves calories by curbing the urge to nosh in front of the TV. Having dinner a little bit later—but at least two hours before sleeping—helps prevent mindless snacking, which often happens in the evening.  

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