10 Super Sneaky Ways The Supermarket Gets You To Spend More Money

You know the drill. You go to the grocery store, armed with your list and a spending limit in mind only to reach the till to discover that, once again, you've overspent. Don't feel badly, the store has set things up this way! Here are 10 sneaky tactics to watch for the next time you're combing the aisles:

1. Precut Fruits and Veggies

They look pretty and offer you less prep work. Who doesn't like that? But they are far from a good deal. These chopped options are far more expensive than the whole versions. Chopping can suck but being broke is worse. Take a pass.

2. Items at the Checkout Counter

Last minute temptations. While you are waiting in line, you are more likely to toss a magazine or piece of candy onto the belt. Be strong!  

3. Where Is Everything?

You know the store's layout like the back of your hand when you show up one day to find that it has all changed. You aren't paranoid, they did it on purpose! If you have to look for things, you'll spend more time in the store. The more time you're in the store, the more money you'll spend.

4. Eye Level Trick

Pricier name brand goods tend be placed at eye level. The store wants you to buy these. Look lower for similar, more economically priced items.

5. Fragrant Items Out Front

Ever notice that the floral offerings are usually right near the entrance? Same with the bakery? Again, this is done so that you will be smelling great smells as soon as you walk in. It will boost your mood and in the case of the bakery, it will trigger your salivary glands, making you more prone to impulse buys.

6. Essentials At The Back

You've gone to the store for milk and eggs but end up with a basket full at check out. By putting the essentials at the back, you are drawn deeper into the store and are more likely to grab a few other items along the way.  

7. Colourful Produce

Like the flowers and bakery, being hit with brightly coloured produce the second you walk in the door will boost your mood. It sets the mood and tone for your entire shopping experience. If you feel good when you walk in, you are more likely to feel favourably about the store.

8. Bulk Shopping

Buying in bulk MAY actually save you money. But it can also lead to you consuming more. This is not just bad for your waistline, it is bad for your wallet. If you consume more, you buy more. Just what the store is hoping for!

9. Music

I've danced and sang in grocery store aisles. I'm not afraid to admit it. The real trick is that the store has chosen music to keep you feeling chill. Slow, mellow music means you'll relax and take your time in the store. Anything too fast can speed you up and get you out too quickly! Remember, more time in the store usually means more money spent!

10. 99 Cent Pricing

Marking an item with 99 cents automatically makes you round down. If something is $1.99, you'll be more likely to associate it with $1 and not $2. Crazy, no? How do you stick to your budget at the grocery store? What are your tips? Just remember to shop smart, choose whole, fresh ingredients, and stick to your list, like the one you get with the BodyRock Meal Plan! Source: PopSugar  

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