10 Surprising Things That Happen When You Lose A Bunch Of Weight

So many people begin a weight loss journey thinking "if I just lose x number of pounds, I will be happy." You look in the mirror and dream of that flatter, toned body and think your life will be complete, if only you lose. But it doesn't always happen that seamlessly. Often times you will be confronted with comments and challenges you never anticipated.

Here are 10 things that can happen when you lose weight:

1. You don't even realize it is happening sometimes

Have you ever gone through a period of time where you just dropped weight without focusing on it? When I first started working as a dog walker, the weight fell off. Yes, I was walking 7-8 hours a day -- 7 days a week, but I wasn't thinking about weight loss. I was listening to my body. I couldn't get through my day eating crap any longer. I gave my body what it needed. Sometimes when you don't focus on weight loss as your goal and just listen to what it is you need, your body will naturally shrink.

2. You will not be instantly more happy and confident

Losing weight will not fix all your problems. Sure, you are probably a little more body confident but sometimes those issues run deeper than weight. Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself. You'll get there.

3. Everyone will start commenting on your body

"You look great!" Get used to hearing it. At first, it is flattering and then it starts to make you wonder "how horrible did I look before?" It doesn't always feel so great. Sometimes people cross the line and say inappropriate things about your body now (or your body then). Remember, if someone says something that makes you uncomfortable, you are within your rights to say so. Or do what I do, politely change the subject.

4. People tell you what you should do with your body

When you are overweight, most people have little to say about your body. At least to your face. When you lose weight, people will say things like "you aren't going to lose any more are you? You don't need to" or "you shouldn't exercise so much" or "you should eat something." Everyone is an expert on your body, now. Take a deep breath. They mean well.

5. Some people assume you are unhealthy

People like to make assumptions. People like to look at what someone else is doing and assume there has to be something the matter. If you are losing weight in a healthy way, ignore them. If you don't have an eating disorder and you aren't over exercising and are giving your body all the nutrition it needs, you're all good. Know you're all good. People will comment no matter what. Keep your head up.

6. People will ask how you did it and then make you feel badly

They will ask exactly how you lost weight and when you tell them, they will respond 'that's insane, I could never.' Okay, don't. If people are judging your decisions, let them. It makes no difference in your progress or journey.

7. People can give strange compliments

People will say things like "You look great but I liked you before" or "you didn't need to lose weight."  They aren't trying to be hurtful. They are telling you that you're lovely no matter what. However, you thought you needed to lose weight and now you're happier. That is your response.

8. You feel kind of awkward about your new size

It is a tough adjustment sometimes. If you are anything like me, you keep buying clothes that are too big. This isn't a terrible thing and it is an easy fix but it does feel awkward from time to time. It is hard to 'see' your new size sometimes. I suggest getting out a measuring tape and figuring out your new dimensions and your new size. It will certainly make your shopping experience a little more streamlined!

9. Your lifestyle changes a lot

When you feel happier and healthier, you start doing things that accommodate this feeling. If your weight loss was a health necessity, this can be especially true. Just remember, change isn't always a bad thing. If you spent all your time lounging on a sofa with your bestie, see if you can start going for walks with her instead. Embrace the change that makes you healthy!

10. You realize that no matter your size, people will have something to say

If you gain weight, people will comment (probably behind your back), if you lose weight, people will comment. Listening to people talk about your body as though it is separate from you can be strange but remember, most people aren't trying to be hurtful. Be patient and gracious. The longer you live in your new body and your new lifestyle, the less they will comment. Trust me.


Have you lost a lot of weight? What surprised you about the experience?

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