10 Things About Your Metabolism You NEED To Know To Lose Weight

Getting a clear understanding of your metabolic functions is the first step to getting your diet and exercise routine under control. To really understand the relationship between lifestyle and fat burning, take a look at these 10 essential metabolism facts: #1 Know Your RMR Your resting metabolic rate or RMR is the amount of calories you burn as you relax. Consulting your doctor to get an accurate calorimeter test is a great way to know how much you burn while lying on the couch or sitting in your car. #2 Eat More To Boost Your Metabolism Once you know more about your body's inner workings, you can start eating appropriately to amp your fat torching power. Getting in lots of lean protein increases how many calories you burn. The best sources of lean protein are fish and chicken. #3 Simple Carbs Kill Your Cal-Burn Rate If you're a fan of simple carbs (think pancakes, white bread and crackers), then you may be slowing your metabolism right down. Eating these types of carbs sends a spike to your insulin level, and your body responds by storing more fat. Quality carbs are the kinds from veggies, fruits and beans that won't make you gain weight. things to know about metabolism #4 Menopause Affects Metabolism If you're going through menopause, your estrogen levels are dropping. This can slow down your calorie burning power and increase your cravings of bad-for-you foods. Keep this in mind when you make dietary choices. [bctt tweet="10 Things About Your Metabolism You NEED To Know To Lose Weight"] #5 Muscle Mass Increases Metabolic Rate Having more muscle can torch more calories when you hit them gym, and keep those calories burning long after you've gone to bed. Your RMR gets amped up over 5% if you strength train, so get moving! post #6 Men Have Higher Metabolisms If you wonder how your male friends can pack in plates of chicken wings and pizza and never gain a pound, this is usually because they have a higher metabolism plus high testosterone. This doesn't mean weight loss can be easier for all men, but typically they can lose weight and burn calories faster than women. #7 Health Can Influence Weight Suffering from certain health conditions can impact your body's ability to burn up energy. People with thyroid issues often have trouble losing weight. Talk to you doctor if you have difficulties losing weight and feel it could be a medical problem. #8 Vitamin D Works Wonders The sunshine vitamin does a lot for our bodies. It can even up our calorie burning power and help us shed weight. Studies have found that Vitamin D deficiency is a cause for slow or unsuccessful weight loss. So eat oily fish, eggs, dairy, oranges and take supplements to up your intake. meh #9 When You Eat Is Important Not eating during the day and having a big dinner late at night can throw your metabolism out of whack. It can even cause serious dysfunction in your digestive system. Stick to three meals a day, and never skimp on breakfast. #10 The Better Your Metabolism, The Sharper Your Mind How your inner workings function has a great impact on your mental alertness. It can balance your mood, increase your memory, reduce brain fog and even stabilize your hunger. What is your top advice for losing weight? Source: Every Day Health  

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