10 Things to Avoid if You Want Your Beauty Sleep

Getting a good night's sleep is, well, GOOD! Doing so boosts your mood, your energy levels and is important to your overall health. Feeling fatigued can truly ruin your day, your productivity and cause you to make bad judgment calls. And sometimes when you sleep poorly, you dust it off as bad luck, while other times, after finding it happening semi-regularly, you wonder what you're doing wrong that's causing such an interruption in your much-needed beauty sleep. sleep "When people suffer from insomnia or other sleep issues, it's often because of something they're doing, probably unintentionally, when they should be preparing for rest," explains Michael Grandner, PhD, a psychiatry instructor and member of the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Wonder what's keeping you up? Here are 10 things you may be doing wrong. 1. Using an e-reader or smartphone "The blue light given off by computers, smartphones, tablets, and TV prevents the production of melatonin which helps the body become sleepy," explains Robert Rosenberg, DO, author of "Sleep Soundly Every Night, Feel Fantastic Every Day." 2. Eating chocolate   "People might not think about ice cream that contains chocolate or coffee as something that might potentially keep them awake, but if they're sensitive to caffeine that could definitely do the trick," explains Grandner. 3. Checking your work e-mail A 2014 Michigan State study found that people reported being much more unfocused and fatigued the day after using their phones for work at 9pm or later. 4. Drinking booze "Alcohol tricks you into thinking you will sleep better, because it often makes you drowsy and makes it easier to fall asleep," explains Dr. Rosenberg. "But as your body begins to metabolize the alcohol, REM sleep, the period where our sleep is most restorative, is reduced." 5. Smoking   No one has to tell you smoking is bad for you. We've all been warned of the various harms the habit has on our health. But as for sleeping? Nicotine is a stimulant and can make your insomnia worse! 6. Playing video games   "Browsing the web or flipping through TV channels before bed may not be so bad if you're not super sensitive to light," notes Grandner, "but anything that's highly engaging will almost certainly keep you awake." 7. Cranking the heat "People sleep better when it's cooler—sometimes a little cooler than they think," Grandner says. 8. Letting your pet in your bed A study conducted recently at the University of Kansas found that 63 percent of people who allowed their pets to share the bed with them suffered from bad sleep. "If you're cool with that, go right ahead—but it's definitely something to consider if it starts to affect your sleep quality," Grandner says. 9. Taking a shower   If you are the type of person who typically showers in the morning and decides on rare occasions to rinse off before you hit the hay, you could be sending signals to your brain that it's time to wake up rather than wind down. "Showers often wake people up, so it might not be the best thing to do before bed," Grandner notes. 10. Picking a fight "Stress is a major cause of insomnia," explains Dr. Rosenberg. "If a conversation is stressful, it will elevate cortisol and other stress hormones impending your ability to fall asleep." Do you do any of these activities before you go to sleep? Source: Health.com  

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