10 Things You Didn't Know About His Penis

I've heard ladies talk about the men in their lives. How a few of them know little about the female body and how it works. But let's be honest, do we know all we could about his penis? Probably not. Check out these surprising facts and impress him with your knowledge. Maybe he'll learn something too!

1. It is possible to deadlift with the penis

Yes, you read that right. The practice of “iron crotch” is a legitimate form of Kung Fu. Grandmaster Tu Jin-Sheng, in his Los Angeles martial arts studio, teaches students how to lift more weight (with straps tied around the flaccid penis) than they could bench press. This is the same man who pulled an 8,000 pound WWII era fighter plane down a runway with his penis. Hard to believe. He claims that beyond helping with virility and length of the penis, this practice can relieve a variety of ailments from diabetes to heart disease. Those claims have obviously not been confirmed. Can't imagine too many dudes turning up for that study.

2. Erections can be graded

Tumescence refers to the stiffness of the penis. It can be measured in 4 steps: Bigger but not yet rigid; not hard enough for penetration; firm for intercourse, but not rock-hard; and fully engorged. The scale was developed in the 1990's by scientists who were testing Viagra.

3. Men are just as sensitive as women

When it comes to sensation in the genitals, men and women are almost identical. Two separate studies (one for women at Cornell University and one for men at Michigan State University), used a scientific device to measure the least amount of pressure a person can feel on their skin. Men were most sensitive at the tip of the foreskin and at the frenulum, located on the underside of the penis just below the glands. According to the sensitivity scale, men and women were about the same. They both responded to the same level: two-tenths of a gram of pressure was all it took.

4. Bacteria on the penis can lead to AIDS

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have found that men who are uncircumcised harbour harmful bacteria underneath their foreskin. “The anaerobic bacteria or other organisms there cause inflammation, which attracts the immune system's T-cells that HIV targets and makes them more susceptible to infection,” says study author Ronald Gray, M.D., a professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins. All the more reason to wear a condom.

5. Morning wood can hurt

Men typically experience three to five full erections a night usually during deep REM sleep. Imagine how horrible it would be to develop "sleep related painful erections." This is exactly what it sounds like. He gets erections while sleeping that are extremely painful. Painful enough to wake him. Doctors don't even know what causes this. Fortunately, this condition is extremely rare with only 30 reported cases so far.

6. You remember it as more monstrous than it actually is

Researchers at the University of California had 41 women handle a 3-D printed dildo for 30 seconds. The participants then completed a survey and after were asked to reach into a bin of 32 dildos to pick out the one they handled before. The women generally pulled out a dildo that was bigger than the one they had. Memory can be kind.

7. He can pierce his penis as many times as he'd like

Rolf Bucholz is a German man who holds the Guinness World Record for most body piercings. He has 453 piercings. 278 of those piercings are on his penis. Incredible.

8. Some guys like getting kicked in the balls

Most men don't want a kick to the crotch during sex. But most men aren't all men. "Ballbusting" is a sado-masochistic fetish with over 10,000 members on fetish social networking site FetLife listing it as an interest. Curious? There are 33,000 results for 'ballbusting' on YouTube. Search at your own risk.

9. A twisted testicle could leave him with only one

His testicles can't get tangled up with one another because they are both contained in their own compartment separated by a thin membrane. Unfortunately, what can happen is one of the testicles can spin around which twists the spermatic cord cutting off blood flow. It is super painful and this testicular torsion can cost him that testicle if it is not treated quickly enough. This is most likely to occur when the testicles are developing, in infancy or as a teenager.

10. Erections cause him to make bad decisions

I used to work with a man who would, after listening to his female coworkers complain about some male behaviour, say "a stiff prick has no conscience." I used to roll my eyes but perhaps there is some science to back him up. In 2005 scientists at MIT and Carnegie Mellon University had 35 men answer a survey both in a normal state and while masturbating to a level of what the researchers called a "high but sub-orgasmic level of arousal." When the men were aroused, they rated everything the researchers asked as being more sexually attractive from women's shoes to a guy-guy-girl threesome to cigarette smoke. Also while in this state the men said they would work harder to get laid even if it meant getting her more drunk or saying "I love you" without meaning it. This certainly doesn't mean that men are immoral but his erection might have a greater influence on his decision making process than you think. Did you learn something new today? Let us know what you find surprising in this list!  

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