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10 Things Every Former Party Girl Who's 'Adult' Dating Understands

So you're giving up your stilettos and dusting off the glitter. It's time to finish that bottle of champagne and explore the world of grown up dating. No more reckless one-night stands, party girls. It's time to adult! Here are the top 10 things every former party girl must face when entering the grown up dating scene: #1 You realize you don't have any classy dinner dresses. Hmm...perhaps cheetah print is a little aggressive for this 5 star restaurant? You suddenly become super aware of the low low cuts and the tight tight fits and all the side boob. #2 You go on a major untagging spree. Let's face it, your Facebook photos sell you out as a booze hound right away. And your new guy really doesn't need to see the pics from when you dressed up as Miley Cyrus for Halloween (foam finger and all). #3 You need new hobbies to talk about. You can't start every story with, "Well my friends and I were trashed one night..." #4 You have to learn what a night-in is. Wait, it's Tuesday and you're not at the club for $2 drinks? You're watching Grey's Anatomy in pyjamas instead? Who are you? #5 You can't let your man see what your friends text. You can't let him see that Chantal sent you "Hey, come over for beer bongs ;)" when you're trying to seem mature. #6 You don't want to give away how much of a heavy weight you are. He's surprised that 4 glasses of wine hasn't gotten you even the slightest bit tipsy. If only he knew... #7 You avoid certain bars and clubs. He wants to take you out for a night on the town, but you can't go to Spot A because you have a bad rep with the bartender and Spot B has you and BFFs names etched into the bathroom wall. #8 You realize how much money you're saving. Less wild nights of pre-drinks, endless shots and 3 am pizza runs means money in the bank! #9 Going out loses it's lustre. Eventually you start to miss your more mature man when you're out for girls night. You even miss Grey's Anatomy. #10 You question your life. You begin re-evaluating where you are at, and where you want to be. You are now in a sober, more serious state of mind and perhaps you realize that giving up the party girl lifestyle is for the greater good. What are your thoughts? Can you relate? Source: Elite Daily
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