10 Things Girls Who Lift Do, But Never Admit To

Don't try and say that you're not guilty of at least one of these! All girls who lift have had moments like these, so don't be ashamed. When you worked hard to get a hot bod, you deserve to partake in a mirror flex or take pride in your calloused hands. Here are 10 things we've all done, but would never admit to: 1 - Add On A Little Too Much Weight To Show Off things girls do while lifting but never admit to This is often followed by a post-workout regret session (a.k.a. lots of sore muscles). But it was worth it to see the amazed looks on those gym goers faces, right? 2 - 'Complain' About Callouses  They look disgusting, but they are your battle wounds. You secretly want your friends to know how much of a beast you are in the weight room. 3 - Critique Other People's Form In Your Head things girls do while lifting but never admit to The gym is a place of secretive criticisms and comparisons. There is no escaping that fact. 4 - Get Bothered When Dudes Offer Advice Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you're clueless. Get lost, buddy. [bctt tweet="10 Things Girls Who Lift Do, But Never Admit It"] 5 - But You Want 'Help' From A Cute Trainer things girls do while lifting but never admit to Yeah, you just got over ranting about how you're perfectly capable of handling this workout. But suddenly you see a flash of Trainer Hottie's smile and you've forgotten everything you once knew about weights. 6 - Try To Recruit Your Friends How many times do you have to tell them that they won't bulk up and look like a man?! 7 - Pull Off A Subtle Happy Dance After Killing That Last Rep things girls do while lifting but never admit to You secretly want to go full on Beyonce, but you refrain. It was definitely worth the celebration though. 8 - Make Grunting Noises things girls do while lifting but never admit to Somehow making these boorish sounds makes lifting easier. So what if you sound like the Incredible Hulk, you're smashing your sets. 9 - Wanting To Coat The Gym With Air Freshener When you workout around a lot of men, things can get pretty rank. Somehow you get used to it after a while. 10 - Wondering If Those Guys Actually Plan On Lifting A Weight  Ok...so they've done two reps and now they're discussing last night's Tinder date. C'mon boys, you really need that bench. Can you relate to any of these? Tag a friend who lifts in the comments! Avoid some of these gym related struggles by doing your lifting at home! BodyRock has you covered across the board! Get yourself a set of weights, here! And because weights alone are not necessarily enough, we've got over 115 hours of real time, on demand workouts available to you on SweatFlix℠! That's right, everything you need in one place! And with new content being added all the time, you'll always find something that will challenge you and help you push your limits! Start your free trial today!  Source: Women's Health

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