10 Things Only Sweaty Girls Will Understand

It's the summer, and it's undeniably humid. But like any sweaty girl can understand, the hot weather is hitting you harder than most. Here are 10 #sweatygirlprobs: #1 Melting Makeup Why bother making your face look presentable? $20 worth of makeup products will literally be in a puddle in less than an hour. #2 Hoping You're Pulling Off A Sexy, Glistening Look But Really You're A Hot Mess Your hair is stuck to your face and you're drenched. #3 You're Stuck To The Coach Or car seat, or restaurant booth. #4 Hairstyles Are An Issue Eventually, you're going to overheat and your hair is going to be put up. There is no way around it. #5 Bras Are Hell You really wish you could go without this bulky, moisture-trapping apparatus. #6 All Pictures Must Be Taken At The Start Of The Night Because by the time you've been in the muggy night club for over 20 minutes, your flawless face has pooled into something that is in no way profile picture-worthy. #7 You're Master Of The Sneaky Sweat Wipe You can remove those sweat beads from your forehead without anyone even noticing. #Skills #8 Everyone Thinks You Go Hard At The Gym You've only been on the treadmill for 5 minutes and already you're soaked. But when you leave your workout, it looks like you're a cardio beast. #9 You're A Personal Heater For Your Partner Lovely in the winter, awkward in the summer. #10 You Have Glowing Skin Even sweating has it's benefits. It acts as a natural exfoliator to purify skin and enhance your glow-factor. Can you relate? What are your biggest #sweatygirlprobs? Source: Cosmopolitan    

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