10 Things The Best Athletes Do (That You Don't)

Perhaps you spend the little leisure time you have watching live sporting events. Maybe you spend hours a week at the gym, working as hard as you can. You train right, you eat right. You sleep. You're doing it all but you're still not where your high level athlete heroes are. What gives? Eat To Perform put together this list of things that some of the best athletes out there are doing which you likely aren't.

1. They don’t look for a quick fix.

Those athletes with the physiques you admire have, in many cases, dedicated decades to achieving it. They have dedicated so much of their lives to training their body for maximum performance. Don't give up if you don't find yourself looking rock hard after a few weeks or months. If you make this about the journey, you can come to enjoy the struggle. You will celebrate any tiny change. Do everything you can to maintain your motivation. inpost3

2. They know where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there.

The best athletes move from one goal to another in order to maintain interest. If you find yourself lost in your workouts, give yourself a clear goal. Like adding 50 pounds to your squats and then set yourself a reasonable time frame. Sign up for a race, for example, as a way to find your motivation. Make commitments to yourself and then stick with them.

3. They don’t try to reach their physique goals by cutting Calories.

The best athletes out there view food not as something to be restricted but as something that can be used to get your body to perform its best. Food is a way to fuel work and build and maintain the muscles one is earning at the gym.

4. They don’t obsess over their abs.

If you want to look like an athlete, you need to be one. Athletes don't worry about carving out perfect abs, the work they are doing to increase their performance gives them those things naturally. So stop doing those crunches looking for a six pack! Stop obsessing, start working to improve performance and you'll get there. (Get the individual weights here!)

5. They don’t worry about putting on body fat due to overeating.

Most athletes worry about gaining muscle and not about losing fat. As Eat To Perform explains, if you want to squat more, for example, "You need to put a lot of quality work into developing your quads and glutes, perfecting your form, and increasing your work capacity.  That cannot be accomplished in a Calorie deficit, and it’s a lot harder to do if you’re worried about your scale weight." Again, train to perform.

6. They train smart and focus on incremental performance increases.

Most people think that max performance requires pushing yourself 24/7 to near exhaustion. Not true. The most fit people and athletes out there vary their activites, intensities and modes of training. Someone might do high intensity interval training in the morning for endurance and weight lifting in the evening to develop maximum strength. They don't do one or the other, they do both. But they probably didn't start out that way. Many times, these folks have coaches that have set up these smart programs, applying progressive overload overtime so that their performance peaks at a specific time. Nothing is done by accident.

7. They don’t feel guilty when they miss workouts.

Sometimes fit people take time off from their workouts to focus on getting better. Rest is NECESSARY when you are pushing yourself to your limits on the regular. If you skip your workouts for weeks on end, you should change that but don't feel guilty if you have to reschedule a workout or push it back a day. If you are consistent in your gym commitment, consider the skipped workout as extra rest time and know that you will return to the gym more energized and committed than you were before. ba

8. They surround themselves with people who are better than they are.

Competition can be a good thing. But what happens when you are the 'best' at the gym? Expand your horizons and find people who challenge you to be better. Don't be afraid of failure, use it to push yourself forward toward your own individual needs. The only way to reach a new level, is to surround yourself with people who are already at that level.

9. They constantly seek out new information and develop a broad knowledge base.

You, believe it or not, have access to all the same information on training and nutrition that elite athletes do. They just spend more time studying and applying this knowledge to their lives. You have the potential too, you just have to go after it.

10. They do EVERYTHING they need to do to be the best they can be.

Many of the best athletes out there have very demanding lives. They have time consuming jobs and might be parents as well. But they make absolutely no excuses when it comes to training and eating. If you don't allow yourself room for excuses, you can't help but be successful. Being the best you can starts in your head. Jump the track, take a different path and never look back. A life spent with an eye to the future, an eye to improvement is the best way to live. If you really think about it, it is the only way to live. Set your goals and go after them! You can do it! Source: Eat To Perform    

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