10 Tips For Ordering Healthier Versions Of Your Favourite Takeout

We all have our food related vices. Do you feel like the only time you will give up pizza is when they are prying it from your cold, dead hands? No need to worry, we're here to help. Registered dietitian, Hanna Trundle, has the following 10 tips to help you make some healthier choices without you having to completely give up your favourite takeout. Glorious news, right? healthier takeout

1. Start with soup.

If you're planning on Asian takeout, start with a broth based soup. Light on calories, miso, hot and sour and wonton soup are all great options that will give you the feeling of being full without making you miserable.

2. When in doubt, drop the fried food.

Sometimes, you have to make sacrifices for the greater good. Your best bet is to choose foods that are not deep fried. Swap egg rolls for spring rolls, for example. It will save you calories and fat and allow you to enjoy more of the main meal. [bctt tweet="Because takeout doesn't have to be a complete diet trap!"]

3. Lean protein beats pork.

Less bad fat is always a good thing. Trundle suggests prioritizing non-meat proteins like tofu and veggie burgers. If you are feeling particularly carnivorous and can't go without, opt for shrimp or chicken over pork. healthier takeout

4. Add vegetables.

The majority of takeout places allow extra vegetables so take advantage. “By adding the vegetables, it usually takes off a lot of the grease and a lot of the cheese [off pizza],” Trundle adds. “That’s an easy way of just getting more vitamins, minerals, fiber but also enjoying your pizza, too.”  

5. The sauce goes on the side.

Because they are working to move the food out the door quickly, many places coat their food in sauce. More sauce than is needed for flavour. Make sure you order any sauces on the side to prevent extra calories and sodium.

6. Portion size is important.

At the end of the day, it doesn't so much matter what you eat, it matters how much of it you eat. Be aware of family-style servings when it comes to Thai or Chinese takeout. When ordering sushi, order the smaller hand rolls in stead of traditional style.

7. Condiments can be killer.

Ranch dressing, ketchup, duck sauce. They make the food taste good but have absolutely no nutritional value. Instead of choosing sugary and salty options, try something lighter like mustard or hot sauce.

8. Cheese less, to eat more.

Here's the deal, two slices of Swiss cheese on a burger doesn't taste any different than one slice of Swiss cheese. BUT, opting for one slice could save you up to 100 calories or more. That's math you can't argue with. healthier takeout

9. Fiber is your friend.

There are lots of easy changes that will boost the nutritional content of your food without destroying your enjoyment. Choose sweet potato fries over traditional french fries or brown rice instead of white rice. These swaps add more fiber to your meal, helping you feel full and your digestive system working.

10. Taste the filling, not the wrapper.

Skip the bread. It will be greatest decision you can make. Burrito bowls, for example, are a far better choice than their wrapped up counterparts. Have you had a burger without the bun? Pretty delicious, actually. There you have it. You can order takeout and not become that dieting friend who has no fun. How do you make your takeout orders a little healthier? Source: Elite Daily  

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