10 Tips From The Pros On How To Train For A Half Marathon

Whether you're doing it to challenge your own physical fitness level, or running for an amazing cause, half marathons are an awarding and sometimes daunting experience. So if you're a little stressed, check out these pro tips from Alexander Chaple, an experienced personal trainer, on how to train right: #1 Start 3 Months Early Everyone's fitness level is a little different, but the recommended time to start training to avoid injury is 3 months before your big run. #2 Make A Training Schedule Ideally you should complete 4 workout sessions a week. Alexander explains that 3 sessions should be within the gym and one should be a run. #3 Focus On Mobilization Your in-gym workouts should have a heavy focus on mobilizing your ankles and hips, while strengthening your knees. #4 Add In Rest Days Alexander, like many fitness experts, believes that rest days are essential for muscle recovery. You can overwhelm your system and cause injury by skipping vital rest days. #5 Change Your Terrain Hitting different terrain both on the treadmill and outdoors can keep your hamstrings consistently challenged and improve your training. pro running tips #6 Always Warm Up Warm ups and cool downs are key to preventing painful injuries. Alexander suggests moves like side lunges which give you a good stretch before and after training. #7 Have Proper Shoes The right running shoes can make a huge difference and also play a role in saving you from injury. #8 Fill Up Right The glucose found in fruits like apples and berries is healthy for your muscles, and protein from lean meats and legumes can repair and strengthen muscle tissues. Alexander also recommends to load up on carbs pre-race for energy. #9 Stay Hydrated Drinking lots of water before your big run, during and after is highly beneficial to your body and your performance. #10 Get Pumped The morning of the race, Alexander says to get up early and prep with some great music, good food and lots of movement. Have you ever run a half-marathon? Share your tips with us! Source: Mirror  

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