10 Tips On Starting A Home Yoga Practice

With two toddlers, I really don't have the time to leave home to take up yoga classes whenever I feel like it. So for me, developing a home practice is essential. Not only does it help me further my practice, it also gives me clarity, helps me relax and gives me a few moments to myself. Even if you don't have kids, developing a home practice has many benefits that you won't find in your yoga class. Here are some tips when doing yoga at home: 1. Set your foundation. Learn about the different poses and proper alignment. Get really familiar and strong in the basics so that you can move on to more advanced poses with confidence. 2. Be consistent. Even if you only practice for 5 minutes, get moving on your mat. 3. Trust yourself. You are capable of more than you realize. 4. Honor your body. Really listen to your body and how it feels as it moves and take things at your own pace. 5. Stop comparing. You can use others for inspiration but don't begin to make comparisons. Yoga (and life, in general) is a very unique journey. Everyone comes with their own set of experiences. Do what is right for you. -xPE3cFGPP_mvhgKdwjxIbnR3Kjc-3wQZCF-S37Ekm4 6. Be passionate and dedicated. Motivation only last so long. As you progress, you will find yourself more and more willing to show up to practice. But you won't progress without an inner fire driving you to keep going. 7. But if you need help getting started, set up a support system. Get someone to text/call/whatever daily to see how your practice went. Or create daily social media posts of your yoga practice. Instagram has a thriving yoga community and users are pretty supportive of one another. 8. Create a ritual. Set an intention before your practice. Light candles. Set the tone with some music. Do some breathing exercises. Repeat a mantra. It will be hard NOT to practice once you've begun your pre-practice rituals. 9. Always remember to have fun! Find sequences you enjoy doing. Move in ways that feel good. 10. Expand what you think yoga should be. Yoga is much more than the physical practice. Being mindful in your daily life will provide many benefits and keep your yoga practice going, even during those times when you can't make it to the mat.

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