10 Tricks To Taking A Picture Perfect Selfie!

If you're looking to take a selfie as flawlessly as some of the pros (Kim K, Ariana, Kate Upton), look no further! We have put together the top 10 selfie secrets to getting that perfect shot! Whether you are at the gym, by the pool or in the car (scratch that, please don't selfie and drive). Tip One: Scope Out The Background Don't get caught snapping a mirror pic of you in a hot bikini while your unmade bed and pile of laundry chills in the backdrop. Tip Two: Avoid Awkward Angles  Attempt to take your pic without getting an awkward outstretched arm in the way. Keep all your shots in a close proximity to your face. Tip Three: Find Your Light  Good lighting is key. Avoid standing in light that is too bright and will wash you out, or make you look like you don't have eyebrows. The best trick is to stand by a window or door and use the natural light to your advantage. Don't get too close though, because it may wash you out! Tip Four: Flip It  Give your hair a little flip before pushing the button. This will add a few seconds of volume! Tip Five: Soften Up  Applying a light BB or CC cream to your skin pre-selfie will give it a very natural, soft and blended appearance. It will also conceal dark circles and any blemishes you want to blur out, while feeling light as air! Tip Six: Accessorize Right  A glint of pretty polish, an eye-catching lip colour or an adorable bracelet add flair to your pic! Tip Seven: No Duck Lips Allowed!  This should be number one! No one thinks that look is attractive. A subtle pout is fine, but don't go full on duck! Tip Eight: Get The Perfect Filter The best filters are ones that don't look obvious. Nashville is great for fair skin and Valencia looks marvellous with darker skin tones. Willow provides a vintage black and white look. Tip Nine: Fun Hashtags  Keep your Instagram fresh by mixing up your hashtags! (Pro Tip, make sure you actually look like you're barefaced when using #nomakeup) Tip Ten: Don't Over-Critique   As silly as it may sound, selfies can become an obsession. So make sure you back up from the lens and remember that your face is beautiful even if the lighting isn't working for you. Share your best selfie tips and tricks with us! Leave a comment below!  

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