10 Truths About Coconut Oil You Need To Read!

There is so much buzz around coconut oil lately as it is hailed a 'superfood'. It's unique combination of fatty acids makes it quite an asset to have in your kitchen cupboard, but what exactly can coconut oil do for you? 1. Helps You Burn Fat Coconut oil can turn your body into a fat-torching machine. It increases you energy expenditure, making you burn over 120 more calories a day! This means faster, easier, more hassle-free weight loss just by adding some coconut oil into your diet. 2. Kills Hunger Crushed by cravings? Can't stop snacking? Curb your hunger with a little coconut oil! The fatty acids can significantly reduce your appetite while metabolizing fat. This is a huge benefit for weight loss. 3. Helps Your Heart Coconut oil can lower your risk of developing heart disease and lower your bad cholesterol. It also is a circulation booster so your blood flows easily around your body. This can help you build muscle and prevent blood clots. 4. Busts Belly Fat coconut oil Bye, bye belly pudge. If you're struggling with a spare tire around your midsection, coconut oil is the best way to target it. Belly fat is the most dangerous form of fat collection, so blasting it away can save your health along with making you feel slimmer. 5. Makes You Smart Fatty acids are brain food. They help move ketone bodies (little brain energy boosters) to the needed areas for healthy brain function. The fatty acids in coconut oil have even been shown to reduce symptoms of dementia in elderly patients. 6. Reduces Seizures Compounds found in coconut oil have been shown to reduce seizures in epileptic children. This, again, comes down to the movement of ketones around the brain. 7. Increases Vitality It is said that those who consume coconut oil are among the healthiest people on Earth. Some cultures that eat copious amounts have absolutely no record of heart-related issues, and live long, vivacious lives. 8. Protects You From Infection Suffer from colds, flus or sinus issues regularly? Coconut oil is naturally anti fungal and anti bacterial, so it blocks out bugs that want to invade your system. 9. Powerfully Medicinal Coconut oil can have a therapeutic effect on the body, and remedy many common ailments. It helps every facet of the human body from digestion to liver function. 10. Cleansing This type of oil is amazingly cleansing for the system. It helps rid your body of toxins and impurities while providing nutrients. What are some ways you get your fix of coconut oil?  

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