10 Ways to Kick Fat Burning Into High Gear

Who doesn't want to burn more fat? We're not talking about burning more calories, but hardcore FAT! Here are 10 ways you can kick your fat-burning into high gear:

1.    Daily HIIT

Sounds like shameless self-promotion for the site, but High Intensity Interval Training is one of the best fat-activating workouts on the planet! You expend more calories in less time, and you continue to burn calories for the 24-hour period following the workout. No matter what HIIT you do, it's great for fat blasting!


2.    Sprinting

Sprinting is the HIIT running workout, and it's great for shredding your leg muscles as well as giving your body a fat-blasting boost. Add sprinting after a good workout--even a regular weightlifting session--and you're guaranteed to burn through a s***load of fat in 20 minutes!

3.    Sports

The beauty of sports is that they're a lot of fun as well as great exercise. Start out your day with a pick-up game of basketball at the park, or play an hour after a good weightlifting workout. You'll find the time flies by, and you'll get an amazing cardio session while playing a game you love.

4.    Hit the Weights, Hard!

Want to maximize fat burning in your workout? Do the following:
  • Rest no more than 30 seconds between each set
  • Work in the 12 to 15 or 20 to 25 rep range
  • Keep your heart rate above 125 BPM
Do that, and you'll burn through fat in no time.


5.    Switch It Up

Boredom is the arch-enemy of fat burning. The more variety you add to your workouts, the more faithful you'll be. Don't HIIT it every day, but throw in some weightlifting, Yoga, sprinting, and sports to mix things up and keep your workouts fresh.

6.    Track Your Meals

Want to make sure you're eating the right balance of carbs, protein, and fats? Instead of just guessing, track those meals to be 100% certain that you're getting the right foods. The stricter you are with your diet, the faster you'll be able to lose that extra weight. noAw7fmAilwI9qwucfGlQKCDquyGMLVF3TsnVQYaWGg

7.    Dry Out

Alcohol is the enemy of fat burning, so it's time to go through a personal Prohibition. Ditch alcohol--and sodas along with it--and stick with only water. A bit of tea (using honey instead of sugar) or black coffee (ONE tablespoon of sugar at most) can be a good addition, but no juices, sodas, or drinks other than water.

8.    Eat More Small Meals

It won't increase the amount of calories you burn in a day [1], but it will stop you from cheating on your diet. Plus, with smaller meals, you can focus on high-quality nutrients without worrying about portion sizes. You may not feel full after every meal, but you can know you'll eat more later.


9.    Try Martial Arts

If you've never sweated it out in a boxing gym or a dojo, you haven't lived. It takes every ounce of your energy to go through a 3-minute full-out round of boxing or kickboxing, and it's a great cardio/muscle-building workout. You can burn up to 900 calories per hour doing martial arts, or 850 boxing. [2]

10. Ignore the Scale

Your scales aren't an indicator of how much fat you're burning, so don't worry about it. Studies have shown that weighing yourself every day helps you to be mindful of your diet, but it won't help you measure fat-burning. Use it to help you form that good habit, but don't let it tell you how you're doing!      

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