10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Start Working Out More Often

Sometimes we find ourselves in a fitness rut, especially this time of year. If you find yourself prepping to hunker down for the winter and move only when absolutely necessary, you may want to reconsider. While powering your way through your Netflix list may seem like a good idea, take a moment and look at all the wonderful things in your life that can change when you start to work out!

1. You'll wake up in a good mood.

Our bodies are built to move and when you work out, you will understand why. Your sleep will be more restful as your body will require it for recovery. When you wake, you will do so with energy and with a sense of excitement. What can you get up to today?

2. You'll come to prioritize working out.

You may have never thought you'd see the day but you'd rather do anything than sit around on your couch by yourself. You'll come to feel that missing an exercise session without an incredibly good reason just makes you feel disappointed in yourself. Besides, the endorphin rush is always worth it. For over 80 hours of on demand workouts, check out SweatFlix℠! [bctt tweet="10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Start Working Out More Often"]

3. Your energy levels will change.

You will find yourself feeling charged and ready to go at times when you may have felt your energy dipping. Mid afternoons are no longer an issue as your workouts provide you with enough adrenaline to power you through.

4. You'll have to make an effort not to be preachy.

While you've just unlocked a key to your own happiness, you'll have to be careful not to assume everyone else wants to hear about it. Sure, share with them and hope they join you but don't inundate them with details they never wanted or cared to know. The fact that you know the truth about working out is enough. 58323501354493.AgfaQ9rcCY4cdT9J0gK6_height640

5. But it won't be that hard, you'll have more to talk about.

Working out leads to a whole new perspective. Literally. Think of the sunsets you see on your evening hikes or the really cool buildings or gardens you've found while out for a run on a different route. There are lots of places in your own city that you've likely never seen or noticed before. Exploration is always exciting.

6. You'll meet more dogs.

When you take to the streets for your sweat sessions you'll often come across adorable canine pals. You can get those heart happy animal love moments WHILE doing your body good. And of course, with meeting dogs, you'll also have a chance to meet dog owners. Remember, a stranger is only a friend you've not yet met.

7. You'll change your browsing habits.

Gone are the hours spent watching cute cat videos on YouTube. You'll now spend your computer time looking up new workouts and fitness related infographics. Such a practical shift! INPOST-workoutmore

8. You'll have to break up with booze.

Mostly, at least. Even just a few drinks can lead to a hang over which, naturally, leads to a wasted day. You can still have fun going out on the town without getting loaded. Have fun but leave room to enjoy the following morning! Besides, think of the money you'll save!

9. You'll have money for other things.

Because you aren't boozing, you'll have money to spend in other ways. Not only will this allow you get more gear, new runners or great new workout clothes, it might also allow you sign up for that class you've been eyeing at the gym!

10. Crawling into bed at night will feel better than ever.

Because you have so much energy and fill your day with so much, finally turning out the light feels amazing. A rest is always better when well earned. Have you just started working out more often? What changes have you noticed? Source: Self

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