10 Weight Loss Lies That Are Harming Your Progress

These aren't the lies that others are telling you, they are the lies that you are telling yourself. Mental sabotage might be going on in your brain, and you might not be aware. Are any of these 10 weight loss lies holding you back from getting in shape? Lie #1: You can't afford healthy food. Healthy food contains more nutrient quality for the dollar, whereas cookies and frozen pizza fill you up temporarily but cause a spike in cravings later on. Canned chickpeas and frozen greens are as good as fresh, and cost much less. You would be surprised how affordable being healthy can be if you just give it a try. Lie #2: You just think healthy food tastes gross. "It's recommended you eat a food 10 times before you can determine if you really dislike it or not." says Amy Goodson, RD, co-author of Swim, Bike, Run—Eat. Try getting creative in the kitchen instead of forcing down plain old peas or a swamp water green drink. Grilled eggplant? Banana and almond butter toast? A smoothie bowl with fresh mango and coconut? Get crafty with nutrition. Lie #3: Your clothes are tight because they shrunk in the wash. "All my patients know, however, that normally clothes don't tell lies. If you ask, 'Have I gained weight?' just put on that sleek dress, or Speedo from your swim team days, and you'll have the honest answer." says Brian Quebbemann, MD. It may be true for the odd pair of jeans, but don't keep fooling yourself that you're just a bad launderer. Lie #4:  You worked out for 25 minutes, so you deserve ice cream. That high-calorie, sugar-filled bowl of rocky road is not owed to you. It will sabotage all the work you just put into working out. Try using different rewards like a mini pedicure or getting to watch your favourite TV show. Lie #5: You've dieted all week so you can go crazy on the weekend. Again, rewarding good eating by binging on fast food or cocktails isn't a sustainable way to improve your health. Indulging on the weekend will make you have to work twice as hard during the week to burn off extra calories. Lie #6: Weight issues run in your family. weight loss lies There is a genetic link to obesity which occurs in families, but this does not mean you can't change your genes. Lifestyle can actually alter your genetic patterns so you, and your children, will experience different behaviours. Lie #7: Wine is healthy, drink the whole bottle. Moderate wine consumption does boast heart-healthy benefits. One glass a day is considered moderate, and anything over that is excess. Over-drinking cancels out any benefits and puts strain on your liver. It also increases weight gain. Lie #8: Skipping breakfast will help you cut carbs. Skipping meals doesn't make you drop pounds. In fact, it could make you gain pounds because you will be more likely to overeat later in the day. 3 solid meals or 6 mini meals a day is what you should aim for. Lie #9: You have kids so you're too busy to exercise and eat right. Children can make routines harder to balance. It takes commitment to stave off from sugary snacks to keep your energy up and eat healthy snacks that will benefit your goals, but it can be done. Try working in some active play or a walk as part of your daily exercise regime. Lie #10: You're always hungry so you can't lose weight. If you're always hungry, examine your diet. Dehydration, stress and filling up on empty calories are all linked to overeating. Try drinking a glass of water before you eat a meal to hydrate and help fill you up. Do you tell yourself these lies? Share your diet secrets with us! Source: Health    

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