10 Workout Classes That'll Make you KILL It in the Bedroom

We go to the gym to look and feel our best ― all of which totally translates to better sex. Turns out though, the classes we choose while working out can have direct impact on our love lives! Take these classes into consideration next time you are trying out new group fitness classes. Your lover will thank you! pole_dancing 1. Pole dancing. Entice your partner with a few tricks you may have picked up in class.  “Many pole dancing studios offer classes from striptease to belly dancing allowing you to take these techniques into the bedroom. This workout will help to increase flexibility, boost your confidence and tone muscles!” says  Nadia Murdock, fitness expert and founder of Nadia Murdock Fit. zumba_0 2. Zumba. Need help finding your sexual beat? A Zumba class will do the trick! “Not only is this dance workout fun but it's also an excellent way to tone the entire body. By including full body traditional moves like squats and lunges you are getting a workout from head to toe,” says Murdock. Pick a song that really gets you going and perform it in the bedroom. ab_attack 3. Ab Attack. Not only is a strong core sexy, it's also essential for holding a few Kama Sutra style moves. “The core acts as the center of the body and supports the back as well as other full body movements,” says Murdok. Most ab attack classes include traditional moves with and without weights. yoga_0 4. Yoga. After a yoga class you can walk away feeling centered and calmed which might make you feel closer to your partner especially if you did the class together. Practicing yoga can help increase flexibility, energy and athletic performance, says Murdock. All must-haves for the bedroom! barre 5. Barre. Great sex is all about controlling your pelvic floor and the strength and flexibility around your hips. Known for its ability to improve flexibility, posture and tone muscles, barre fitness is one of the best ways to not only get in shape but also enhance your performance in the bedroom. Former Radio City Rockette, personal trainer and owner of Dancers Shape, a barre and Pilates studio in Austin, Texas, Jennifer McCamish says: “The stronger and more flexible you are around the hip joints, the easier it is to spice up your sex life by exploring different positions that might normally be difficult to get into or hold for an extended period of time.” hiit 6. H.I.I.T. For wild and sexy nights in the bedroom, your cardio and endurance level should be at peak performance. "H.I.I.T keeps the heart healthy and strong due to the anaerobic zone (without oxygen) you are often in during this workout," says Murdock. This means you can go longer and stronger during night time activities! strength_training
7. Strength training. Push ups, tricep dips and lunges are just a few moves that go into a traditional strength training class, says Murdock. These classes sculpt a strong and fit body making creative love making moves easier to achieve. aerial_yoga 8. Aerial yoga. Feel like hanging upside down? Antigravity yoga infuses yoga, Pilates, aerial acrobatics and calisthenics into one. “This is ideal for participants looking to achieve a unique full body workout. One of the advantages of this style of yoga is developing new body skills. You may find your body moving in ways you never knew it could!” says Murdock. ballet 9. Ballet. Bring a touch of grace to your night-time activities with ballet- infused fitness. "A typical class is more subtle in helping create long, lean muscles. Ideal for someone looking for a low-impact class," says Murdock. pilates 10. Pilates. By practicing Pilates on a regular basis you can achieve improved core strength, flexibility and balance, Murdock says. Tackling a standing position might be easier to achieve after a few sessions. Source: Your Tango Images: WeHeartIT

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