The 10 Worst Foods Everyone is Eating

There are lots of people out there with terrible eating habits. Say you've been following a diet and sticking to it, you should be all good right? Not necessarily. With more research, comes more information. Sometimes the food we think is good for us turns out to be otherwise. Read the list below to see what you can cut out of your diet.

1. Coffee Creamer

If love coffee but find yourself making it in a hurry or on the go, you may be using an instant creamer, one that doesn't need to be refrigerated. They contain a whack of preservatives and additives making them painfully unhealthy. Instead, use milk or a creamer that needs to be chilled.

2. Margarine

If you buy your margarine in the stick form, you are not helping yourself out any. The stick form of margarine contains lots of trans fats and is loaded with calories. These things can harm your blood vessels and add extra weight.

3. Bacon

Have you ever had left over bacon? I didn't think so. Bacon is a super popular meat but it is also loaded with sodium which increases your risk of heart disease as well as your risk of developing high cholesterol.

4. Artificial Sweeteners

I know you want to cut sugar, but artificial sweeteners are not really the answer. Many Sweeteners are high in additives that can lead to type-2 diabetes, some forms of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

5. Soda

Soda is not your friend. It is no longer a secret that soda contains lots of calories and loads of sugar. Some sodas contain BVO (brominated vegetable oil) which can lead to skin problems, dementia and memory loss.

6. Whole Milk

Although you might like the taste better than say, skim milk, whole milk is fattening. It can clog arteries in a hurry. Swap it out for a lower fat version.

7. Bagels and Bread

White breads are high in calories and can lead to a mid day energy crash. Aim for the whole wheat options instead.

8. Pop Tarts

I know Pop Tarts have been an easy and convenient breakfast and snack food for a long time but all good things must come to an end. Pop Tarts have little nutritional value and are loaded with white flour and sugar. Try for a breakfast with more protein.

9. Microwave Popcorn

Microwave popcorn might seem like a good idea come movie night, but it is not at all. The coating on the interior side of the bag has been noted to cause liver and prostate cancers. They have also found a link between microwave popcorn and lung cancer. Time for some air popped popcorn, I'd say.

10. Hot Dogs

Anyone surprised by this one? As a processed meat, hot dogs are fattening and can lead to heart disease and certain cancers. And aside from all that, most hot dogs are made from worst possible meat. Real scary meat. Healthy eating isn't a quick fix to diet woes, it is a lifestyle. But the easiest way to keep it in check is to skip processed foods all together. Aim for fresh, whole foods. Anything on this list that crops up in your diet from time to time? Let us know in a comment.

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