100 Pounds Lighter: A New Life For A Former Overweight Teen

21 year old Emily Meyer experienced a very painful adolescence. Emily was an emotional eater, using food as comfort when she felt insecure. She would eat even after she was full, which caused her to feel tired and sluggish. At 15, the Florida teen was 250 pounds. “I would see my friends on the beach in bikinis and cute clothes that I could never fit into. It was depressing.” Emily recalls. Fed up with feeling fatigued and self-conscious, Emily took action and made a change. She started going to the YMCA to workout three days a week. “When I first joined, I was intimidated, but I chose not to care what people thought of me,” Emily explains. Her "screw 'em" attitude as she calls it propelled her to push forward. She began seeing an nutritionist to learn about eating healthy with high quality, nutrient rich foods. At times, Emily struggled going out to dinner or parties with friends and seeing them eat junk food without having to watch what they ate. But Emily knew that her health and fitness was more important then those foods, and kept herself motivated. So motivated, in fact, she dropped 100 pounds in a year! She joined a track team and began running 25 miles a day. Emily is now a personal trainer, and continues to inspire others to push beyond their comfort zones. emily-meyer-after "My advice is to never ever give up. Reach out to people when you need help and always keep the faith. My heart goes out to young girls who struggle with obesity, and I want to use my story to inspire and encourage them.”   Have you seen our fitness videos? We post full-body workouts daily! And they're FREE. Check out the video below (and subscribe to our email list) for the latest in fitness and weight loss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZusyXiaDPY

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