100 REP TOTAL BODY Track Circuit

Getting outdoors feels AMAZING! I look forward to the spring so I can do many of my workouts outside, and with training for the  half marathon in May, there is nothing like running in the fresh air. While doing one of my 3 mile weekly training runs last week, instead of running the loop, I ran two of the miles at race 'pace', straight to the high school football field. I completed the circuit below and then ran an 'easy' 1.3 miles back home. When I teach boot camp at the field during the summer, I do a lot of this type of work. You don't need any equipment, you get to be outdoors, and the fresh air, sun and sweat is a great motivator! I designed the pyramid circuit below so that you are working all your muscle groups. Feel free though to change up the running as you see fit. I didn't want to run any more than I was supposed to for that day so as to not get off my training schedule, but if you want to do your running on the track, start off with a few of the options I lay below. You can also incorporate spurts of running throughout to mix it up even more! This is also something I do in my classes to get the blood pumping too. How it works: COMPLETE 30REPS of these first six exercises (a demonstration of all 7 exercises is in my below youtube video). IF you don't have a bench on the field, hit the bleachers, or go to your backyard, skip rope, do high knees, sprint around the block, etc. for the cardio, then get a chair/low table/steps to do the work: 1) Bench push ups 2) Bench one leg tap ups (right) 3) Bench tricep dips 4) Bench one leg tap ups (left) 5) Bench SLOW Mt. Climbers 6) Bench reverse plank straight leg raises -------------------------------- 7) Walking lunges After the first 6 are completed, do the walking lunges (#7), across the football field to the opposing bench. There, you will complete 25 REPS of the exercises, then do your walking lunges back to the first bench. There you will complete 20 reps. Use this pattern to do 15 REPS and ending with 10 REPS. IF you do not have 2 benches on the field, do walking lunges to the center of the field, and then walking lunges back to the same bench. IF there are NO benches on the field, take the exercises to the bleachers. For reference, it took me 60 lunges to get across my field. So when all is said and done, I completed 4 sets of the 60 lunges. Depending on your stride, you should complete about 200-300 lunges. So you if you are in your backyard doing this or at home doing stationary lunges, then shoot for 40-50 lunges as your 7th exercise. After I did all 100 reps (30, 25, 20, 15, 10 reps) and then all walking lunges with each set, I ended with a 1.3 mile 'easy' run home. If you wanted to do all your running on the track, then maybe start 800m easy run, complete the 30 reps/lunges, then 800m pace run complete the 25 reps/lunges, 800m easy run complete the 20 reps/lunges, and so on and so forth. The choices are limitless! Training for speed, then shorten the distance for each running segment and do sprints instead. Just starting off running, then don't worry about the 'pace' runs and incorporate easy running with your walking. You can also start off running and then in between each set, do some other cardio like jumping rope, high knees, burpees etc. Challenge yourself and most of all HAVE FUN! Post your scores when done! It took me 15.45 to run the 2 miles at race pace, then 25 minutes to complete all reps/lunges, then another 11.30 to run the 1.3 mile run home at 'easy' pace. So all in all, under an hour! article-new-thumbnail-ehow-images-a02-69-s1-do-walking-lunges-800x800Make sure you are using proper form with all the exercises and your walking lunges should look like this photo, across the field/yard. Try to get your chest to the bench with the push ups and try to bend your elbows close to 90 degrees for the dips. Don't cheat yourself. For the slow mt. climbers and reverse straight leg raises, KEEP YOUR CORE ENGAGED. Belly button pulled in tight and feel your obliques working with those mt. climbers each time your knee touches the bench. Watch the video for demonstrations! Like this? Check out my Facebook page  and website for more health and fitness workouts and inspiration!

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