100 Years of Beauty in 1 Minute

Beauty trends are fleeting, and often pretty lame (thigh gap craze anyone?), but I hadn’t realized how iconic certain era-specific beauty standards were until I saw this amazing make-over time lapse video following the beauty trends of every decade from 1910-2010. Spoiler alert: all of them look awesome.


This video isn’t just cool to watch, it also points out how quickly beauty ideals can change. It’s amazing to see how drastic the changes are with just the use of hair and make-up. It would be interesting to see a full body version of this make-over, all the way from flapper girl physique, to the classic 1950s hourglass shape, to the 90s Kate Moss waif look, to today’s booty-obsessed ideal – although there was a really nice tip of the cap at the end of the video to society’s current selfie-craze.

For even more make-over madness, they have a second episode too!



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