1000 Rep Dream Body Workout & Bonus Abs

Hi BodyRockers, If you look on our photos and videos today you will see a sneak peek of our new logo :) It looks amazing on clothes (hint,hint) on free mobile apps (hint, hint) and on new free websites... :) Keep your eye on what is happening with BodyRock.Tv towards the end of the month and over the course of the summer. We have some cool things planned for you :) In other news we are having our very first ever BodyRock.Tv event starting tomorrow is Toronto!!! Apart from having a mass BodyRock.Tv workout, we will be casting for new trainers to going our team. here Don't worry, Sean and Lisa aren't going anywhere, but we are looking to expand the workouts you have to choose from here on the site. Check back on Monday for some photos and videos of the event, and if you are attending then we will see you there!!! For more details and to keep up on future BodyRock events please like our Facebook page here. By liking our pages you will also have a chance to win all of the BodyRock.Tv equipment that we are using in our videos :) Today we have a 1000 rep, fat melting, sweat pool of a workout for you. Lisa leads you through so make sure you check out the video below before you dive in. We also have another awesome bonus abs routine to make sure we push you to the max. Get BodyRocking people!!! Post your scores, offer encouragement and get on it!!!! See you in Toronto! Freddy, Lisa & Sean BodyRock Workout Video: BodyRock Workout Video: [wobreakdown] Set your interval timer to a stop watch and complete 50 of the following exercises at your own pace and modification. 1) Burpees 2) High Knees 2) Bag Drop & Burpee Tuck Jump – Using the Pink Sandbag 3) Scissor Lunge 4) Elavated Plank Knee Tucks - Elbow & Cross (Alternate between L&R Legs) 5) Touch Floor Jumping Jacks 6) Overhead Lunge & Kick - Left Leg – Using the Pink Sandbag 7) Tuck Jumps 8) Overhead Lunge & Kick - Right Leg – Using the Pink Sandbag 9) Criss Cross Reach Through Abs (Alternate between L&R Legs) 10) 500 High Knee Skips Ab Bonus Video: Set your interval timer to 10 seconds rest 50 seconds work. You 10 seconds rest will be a plank  .. sorry in advance :) 1o seconds Plank 1) Oblique Hold & Reach Under - Left Side 10 seconds Plank 2) Oblique Hold & Reach Under - Right Side 10 Seconds Plank 3) Plank - Alternating Arm & leg Reach Out. To celebrate our upcoming 4th anniversary we have decided to give away a bunch of  prizes on our Facebook pages. We are giving away a brand new iPad 3 so that you can BodyRock with us from anywhere.  Every single day a BodyRocker will win an Interval Timer and the cool prizes will continue all summer long so make sure you like our Facebook pages now to have the most shots at winning :) The main Facebook page is here. Lisa-Marie's page is here and Sean’s Page is here. Last but not least I will be giving away an Ugi Fitness Ball on my page here :)

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