10,000 People Agree THIS Defines The Perfect Kiss!

It is the time of year when a lot of people are looking to lock lips, be it under the mistletoe or when the countdown ends on New Years Eve. This means your kissing skills need to be on point. couple kissing sexy 10,000 people were surveyed about the ideal kiss all across the globe, from Australia to Canada to Singapore. While these cultures are all vastly different, this one romantic questionnaire yielded similar answers. Each person agreed that a talent for smooching was essential to making a kiss really memorable. Also, the very first kiss can be a maker or breaker of romantic interest. Here are the revealing findings the survey uncovered:

#1 Not Everyone Wants To Kissed After A First Date

A mere 41% of singles said they enjoy an end-of-the-night lip lock. Others say it's too soon to get intimate, especially if you're still trying to figure out if you're attracted to this person or not. It is universally agreed to never feel obligated to kiss your date or do anything that you're not comfortable with.

#2 Kisses Can Be Short And Sweet

61% of both males and females like 2 to 5 second smooches. That brief moment can give you a good enough perception of someone's kissing style and can leave a lasting impact on the one being kissed.

#3 Bad Breath Is A Dealbreaker

38% of singles said that stinky breath is the biggest turn off they have encountered. It is key to bring gum or mints with you to freshen up before you go in for first base. Also, skimp on the garlic fries or fishy main course if you're being extra cautious. [bctt tweet="10,000 People Agree THIS Defines The Perfect Kiss!"]

#4 Tongues Are Overrated

Maybe a slight slip of the tongue can turn a regular kiss into a s*xy makeout, but tongue overload can leave a bad taste in everyone's mouth! 46% of people say they want a deep, passionate kiss without the tongue. Tongues can also transfer more bacteria between your mouths if you need added convincing.

#5 The Desire To Kiss Is Read By These Two Gestures

Holding eye contact signals a make out session is near in Australia, The UK and Hong Kong. Body contact is how the more bold Canadians and Americans will let you know. However it is done, each culture has a unique way of initiating a kiss.

#6 There Are Other Sensual Spots To Kiss ;)

In Singapore, the forehead is a favourite spot for a first kiss. Lip-locking comes later. The cheek is where many American and UK residents go in for a little peck, especially after a first date.  What? What did you think I was going to say?

#7 Bad Kissing Doesn't End A Courtship

Like a dude but he stinks are kissing? For many people this doesn't mean it's the end. 38% of women will stay with someone who isn't a top notch smoocher, and so will 32% of men. Both will attempt to teach their beau the ways of kissing. Not everyone is successful at it, but many are! What are your thoughts on kissing? What is the best and worst kiss moment you've ever experienced? Source: Bustle [caption id="attachment_122206" align="alignleft" width="100"]@BodyRockTV @BodyRockTV[/caption] [caption id="attachment_122205" align="alignleft" width="100"]instagram logo @BodyRockOfficial[/caption]

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