101 Year Old Marathoner in His Last Race

In case you had any of those excuses hiding out in your head about working out or going on that run here's a little dose of reality...and what good old fashioned consistency can do.  There is nothing quite like an "old" person showing up all of us "young" people... He's and Indian Great-Great Grandfather who ran his last race in Hong Kong and ran 10Km in 1 hour and 32 minutes.  He's the oldest marathon runner in the world, and Fauja Singh said that he was hoping for a better time.  A retired farmer, Fauja started running at 89 after the death of his wife and son.  He has run 9 marathons and carried the Olympic torch two times.  Fauja is afraid to stop running because he feels no one will like him...he's fully aware of just how much he inspires others.  After raising more than $20,000 for Disabled Athletes in his last race, Fauja said that if he's need to raise money again he will do it. 130508191921-h2h-fauja-singh10-horizontal-gallery Fauja is certainly an inspiration and he has credited his long life to the fact that he has run so consistently.  He runs 15km a day just to stay fit and active although it's harder to run at his age-not altogether surprising. Fauja Singh What I love about this story, not necessarily Fauja's age, is the sheer number of people that have been inspired to run because of one old man who needed something to hang on to after losing so much.  It's such a reminder to us all to never forget the power of what one person can achieve...no matter who they are or what they do.  Everyone has worth and everyone has something of worth to contribute to the world. Way to go Fauja, you are a source of great inspiration to us all.  Congratulations on your retirement.

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