11 Amazing Positive Body Image Instagram Accounts to Follow

With the creation of social media it is hard to not compare ourselves constantly to our friends and even celebs. But Social media is fighting back! Here are 11 amazingly uplifting and positive Instagram accounts that focus on positive body image that everyone should be following!

1) @effyourbeautystandards

https://instagram.com/p/6ML_dgs4c9/?taken-by=effyourbeautystandards Plus-size model Tess Holliday started this to counter the negativity of her haters!

2) @positivebodyimage

https://instagram.com/p/5R18EjHQfO/?taken-by=positivebodyimage This Insta was started by twin sisters from Canada! Focused on sharing pictures that encourage positive body images and just about everything else!

3) @endangeredbodiesnyc

https://instagram.com/p/2j29h8socg/?taken-by=endangeredbodiesnyc This Instagram account focuses on positive changes on a global scale. You may know them for getting Facebook to ditch the "feeling fat" emoji!

4) @alternativecurves

https://instagram.com/p/5GpyXIi-wS/?taken-by=alternativecurves YAY for curves, tattoos and fun coloured hair! This Insta celebrates women who have learned to love and embrace their fiery styles!

5) @winnieharlow

https://instagram.com/p/6BN5LdHus1/?taken-by=winnieharlow This girl though! Chantelle Winnie was featured on "America's Next Top Model". She shows us how to love everything about ourselves because the imperfections are what make each of us special!

6) @stace_a_lace

https://instagram.com/p/3LrmeIxFsQ/?taken-by=stace_a_lace Stacey Baker runs this show! It's all about real women, she shares pictures that show off women's lower half of their body! Peace to the idea of the thigh gap!

7) @healthyisthenewskinny

https://instagram.com/p/6Nu1Xgv_NE/?taken-by=healthyisthenewskinny Dynamic husband and wife duo Bradford and Katie Willcox started this company in attempts to change the controversy surrounding weight and body size and promoting ideas of loving the body we are in and being healthy!

8) @isupersheng

https://instagram.com/p/6Au0NYAoiG/?taken-by=isupersheng Leo Sheng is a trans man, who shared his life changing transition. Sheng is tapping into a new area of positive thinking that has often been neglected in the past!

9) @honorcurves

https://instagram.com/p/6L4foHgxrq/?taken-by=honorcurves You can follow one woman's journey as she learns to embrace and love every curve!

10) @loveyourlines

https://instagram.com/p/5wzsZrFvFx/?taken-by=loveyourlines Stretch marks, tan lines, bumps and more, our bodies are constantly changing and doing different things. This Insta account focuses on accepting the actuality of this in a positive mind set.

11) @thebodyisnotanapology

https://instagram.com/p/6KybOzhbiW/?taken-by=thebodyisnotanapology Make no apologies for your body! They also focus on the notion that positive body image is not only for females but also males!   Do you follow BodyRock on Instagram? [caption id="attachment_103752" align="alignnone" width="100"]snapchat code @BodyRockTV[/caption]

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