11 Fitness Myths That Are Believed To Be True!

If you're looking to lose weight or get toned, you may have heard of one of these fitness 'facts'. These 11 claims are totally false and could hinder your success rather than help it: Myth #1 Exercise Alone Sheds Pounds Diet is actually the key factor to slimming down, but coupling exercise with diet is very good for your health. Just don't hit the gym without altering your eating plan. Myth #2 Weights Transform Fat Into Muscle This one is too good to be true, unfortunately. But lifting weights can build up your muscle tissue so you look toned and feel strong! Myth #3 Taking A Few Weeks Off From Your Routine Is No Big Deal After one week, your fitness level significantly withers. Your body begins de-conditioning, so use it or lose it! Myth #4 Gatorade Is The Ultimate Post-Workout Drink It's just sugar, water, flavouring and colouring. You should fill up on protein and hydrate with good old H2O after the gym. Myth #5 Working Out Once Or Twice A Week Is Enough You should be smashing a workout three times a week or more to see results. Myth #6 Running A Marathon Is The Best Way To Get Fit Doing a 5 to 10 minute run each day can give your body as many benefits as hours and hours of pounding the pavement. Myth #7 Cutting Carbs Will Shed The Pounds You shouldn't cut out a needed macronutrient from your diet. Just cut the bad carbs, like refined grains and processed sweets. Myth #8 Keeping A Food Diary Is Great Well, you're not always the best judge of what's good and bad. People tend to lie to themselves and try to justify why they ate so much cake or skipped a workout. Myth #9 Burning Calories Is All About Speed It doesn't matter how fast or slow you run on the tread, you will burn the same amount of calories. Myth #10 Women Should Be Afraid Of Weight Training Because They Will Look Like Men Weights are safe for everyone, and will not bulk you up like the hulk unless you have high testosterone levels in your system. Myth #11 Early Morning Is The Best Time To Exercise Whatever time of day you get moving is the right time. As long as you've eaten well, stay hydrated and refuel afterwards, you can workout anytime! Did we debunk some huge fitness myths for you? Source: Business Insider  

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