11 Fitness Struggle Confessions We Can All Relate To

Fitness is a never ending topic of discussion. It burns calories, eases anxiety, protects the heart, helps to build a positive self-image, promotes productivity and aids in kickstarting your creative juices. Simply put: fitness is incredibly good for you. But despite the fact that we're told day in and day out how beneficial it is, it doesn't mean we find joy or ease in springing out of bed each morning and hitting the gym. Let's be honest, sometimes it's downright difficult to put a wedge between you and that pint of ice cream no matter how much you know you ought to exercise. Here are 11 confessions we can all relate to:

Silencing your critics is a tough job.

Exercising regularly is not easy.

Group fitness really sucks sometimes.

Laziness wins a lot.

It goes quickly.

It’s not about being better than someone else.

Naked selfies for the win.

Better sex is good. Better sex is very good.

Ugh, the struggle is so real.

It’s not just about exercise.

Can you relate to any of these? Source: Elite Daily  

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