11 Signs You Are Overloading On Carbs!

It is now coming to light in the nutrition world that cutting out carbs can completely drain your body of energy, while eating too many carbs can negatively impact your weight, digestion and mood. How do you know if you're overdoing it when it comes to this macronutrient? Take a look at our list of the top 11 signs your body is in a carb coma:   #1 If you are finding that you gain weight easily from a diet rich in 'healthy' carbs from fruit, whole grains and legumes. #2 If you feel tired and groggy after eating a meal. #3 If, after meals, you feel like your head is in a fog. #4 If you have a frequent craving for sweets. #5 If you frequently crave starching foods like pasta and potatoes. #6 If you have little impulse control when it comes to sweet or carb-heavy foods. #7 If you notice frequent ups and downs with your weight. #8 If you go from having big bursts of energy to being extremely tired during the day. #9 If you become very irritable when you are hungry. #10 If fat collects more around you face and belly than any other areas. #11 If you use sweet or high-carb foods for comfort, energy or to improve your mood. If you experience 3 or more of these signs, you could be carb-dependent. You are consuming more carbohydrates than your body can properly process, and therefore you are hurting your system. For tips on combating carb cravings and eating a balanced diet to better manage your weight, check out our Breaking Up With Bread e-book!   Source: Mind Body Green   Do you follow us on Instagram?                        

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