11 Signs Your Partner Is Taking Your Love For Granted

If you're feeling like your relationship is a little one-sided lately, here are the 11 tell tale signs that your partner is not appreciating you: #1 He skips out on your important dates, but you never miss his. You're always down to go to his work functions, but wasn't around for your family dinners or your sister's wedding. #2 He calls the shots when it comes to scheduling. You're on call when he texts 'come over', but he doesn't answer when you give his phone a ring. #3 He expects to be treated a certain way. You cooked him dinner as a romantic surprise, but now he expects it every night. #4 He ignores your texts. Or won't reply for hours. #5 You feel like you're a booty-call even though you're dating. And you only seem to hang out at night. love taken for granted #6 He's selfish in bed. Your pleasure is the farthest thing from his mind. #7 'Dates' are Netflix and pizza. No nice dinners, no romantic weekends... #8 He ruins fun things. If you actually agrees to do something with you, he's moody the whole and sours your experience. #9 He never compliments you. Some dudes are awkward with expressing their affection, but he won't even bat an eye when you walk in wearing a stunning new dress. #10 He never listens. Again, some guys lack good listening skills. But this dude doesn't even bother to try. #11 He runs his own agenda. You were the last to know when he quit his job or decided to go back to college, and you certainly weren't part of the conversation. Has a guy ever taken you for granted? What did you do? Source: Cosmopolitan Do you follow us on Instagram? snapchat code  

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