11 Things You Need To Know About Skin Bumps On Your Arms

That weird, bumpy skin on your arms and legs that won't go away? It's a condition known as keratosis pilaris and it is a sort of permanent goose bump. Here are 11 things you should take note of if you suffer from KP: 1. You're not alone.  1 in 3 people have KP, so you're in it with a third of the population. 2. You're healthy.  It's not a marker of poor health or a sign of disease. It's a cosmetic problem that is just there to annoy you. 3. Young, fair females are most prone.  The condition is most rampant in young females with light skin tones. But it can be present in people of all ages, races, genders and skin tones. 4. It's hereditary.  You got it from your mama. Or your dad. If a parent has it, the pass-along risk is 50%. [bctt tweet="11 Things You Need To Know About Skin Bumps On Your Arms"] 5. It shows up in childhood.  It gets worse when you hit puberty, but often it becomes more mild as you age and can vanish in later years. 6. It's caused by keratin. It's a result of excess keratin being built up in your body that blocks up your hair follicles and causes bumps. 7. Rarely it moves locations.  Some people have the condition spread to their upper back and forearms. 8. It's symmetrical.  It always appears on both arms, both legs and both sides of the face. 9. It surfaces in winter. It can be more noticeable when the chilly weather hits because of the lack of humidity in the air. 10. It's a form of dry skin.  Like eczema, KP is just another extreme form of dry skin. But unlike eczema, it can be much harder to get rid of. Exfoliation helps when combined with non-soap cleansers and moisturizers. 11. It's nothing to feel insecure about.  Don't hide away because you're embarrassed of your KP! It's really common, and not terribly noticeable even when it's cold out. Show some skin!   What are your thoughts? Do you suffer from KP? Source: Buzzfeed  

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